Income Generation Bundle

In many communities where Compassion works in Ethiopia, families are living far below the national poverty line. Incomes are so low that some caregivers feel forced to beg, work in the sex industry or sell alcohol out of their homes — all of which are dangerous activities for children to be exposed to. Staff at five different child development centers saw the need for increased family incomes, and they decided to do something about it. By partnering with generous friends like you, they were able to provide income generation activities and training to 192 caregivers.

Each caregiver begins by receiving training as well as a loan to start their own business. Then, they begin a business based on their abilities — like raising livestock or selling produce at the market. And with continuous encouragement, support and training from the Compassion center staff, they begin making a profit and paying back their loan. Empowering caregivers to generate consistent income means that children are being protected and families are escaping the cycle of poverty — thank you!

Because of Your Generosity

Watch how children are being released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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