Thank You for Your Gift of Goats

In the Ugandan community of Kanungu, it is incredibly challenging to maintain a steady source of income. This causes many families to remain trapped within the vicious cycle of poverty. Most of the families rely on farming for food and income, but after the harvest, both are limited. They often live way below the poverty line of $1.90 per day. The local Compassion center saw this need and decided to act. With the help of friends like you, four local churches were able to provide goats for 100 families. Each family received four goats. They were trained on topics including feeding, proper animal care and management and setting up shelters for the goats. The goats were also given vaccinations to prevent disease. These 100 families now each have a new, steady source of income from the milk their goats produce. Goats are helping to end the cycle of poverty in Uganda — and around the world! Thank you for being a part of that life change.

Because of Your Generosity

Watch how children are being released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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