In many communities across southern Uganda, families struggle to maintain a consistent income. Most adults in this area are farmers. However, when the year’s harvest is small, caregivers are not able to meet their families’ most basic needs. Then comes the domino effect: The lack of money causes inconsistent access to food, which leads to hungry children. Thankfully, there are Compassion church partners in three of these communities. And with the help of generous friends like you, they were able to provide 240 families with goats. Each family received three goats, as well as training for feeding, caring for and breeding their animals. The goat milk not only provides additional income but also improves nutrition within homes. And the best part? The goats have been a huge success. “So far, one goat has given birth to two young ones,” says Agnes, a caregiver who received three goats. “In a few months, our goats have increased from three to five.” Thank you for helping caregivers like Agnes and their families by giving the gift of goats!

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