Seeds and Seedlings

In the Rhotia village of Tanzania, most families are made up of single mothers struggling to care for their children on as little as 50 cents a day. These young women have few opportunities to find steady work, and many of their children are malnourished. School dropout rates in the community are extremely high, with few caregivers able to afford education fees for their children. But because friends like you gave fruit and vegetable seeds, 20 families in this village now have a new path out of poverty! Staff at the village Compassion center hired a consultant to build a green house, train caregivers and monitor their first harvest. The income raised at the greenhouse is being reinvested into other business ventures as well as being invested back into the greenhouse and gardens. Each of the 30 caregivers also participated in an entrepreneurship training. Single mothers have been empowered to care for their families, increasing not only finances but also confidence. This is only the first generation of training at this center — because of supporters like you, a whole new gardening class will soon take place!

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