Small Business Startup & Recovery

“We need jobs.” That is the cry of caregivers throughout Rwanda. Unemployment was high even before the pandemic, but jobs disappeared overnight as lockdowns and curfews were put in place. Staff from six Compassion centers throughout Rwanda recently decided to work together to solve the problems of joblessness and underemployment. Because you generously supported small business start-ups, they were able to conduct soap making workshops for 180 beneficiaries. The Compassion partner churches hosted the workshops and hired a professional soap maker to train the caregivers. Participants were also trained in how to run a small business, and were provided with soap making supplies to begin selling handmade soap in the market. In the future, caregivers will receive refresher trainings, and the program will continue to grow. Soon, Compassion caregivers may even be able to conduct their own soap making workshops for their friends and neighbors. We estimate that these workshops will increase income for registered caregivers by 25%. Thank you for your changing lives through this workshop by providing funding for a small business start-up!

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