Electricity at a Compassion Center

For many years, eight Compassion church partners in Uganda did not have access to electricity. This created challenges for both staff and children. One great challenge was that, with no electricity, they had no access to the internet. This meant that when staff members needed to send information to other Compassion offices throughout the country, they had to travel 15 miles to other centers that did have internet access. It also meant that children did not have access to new online learning opportunities. But with the support of generous friends like you, all eight centers received solar power and internet access. Now, staff members do not need to travel to send communications, children are receiving up-to-date learning opportunities and, with the addition of a solar-powered sound system and lights, churches can hold conferences, seminars and evening prayer services. Plus, the light makes each church even more safe and secure. Your gift of Electricity at a Compassion Center is bringing opportunity, security and hope to people all around the world — thank you!

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