Electricity at a Compassion Center

No internet was available for the Rupa Child Development Center in rural Uganda — not cable, wireless or cellular. This made it extremely difficult for the center to communicate with the Compassion Uganda office, letting them know of needs or even prayer requests. Staff would often have to travel to access the internet, losing valuable time they wanted to spend serving the children. Other centers in the region were experiencing similar issues. Compassion Uganda researched possible solutions for the struggling centers, and because of gifts like yours of electricity at a Compassion center, they were able to come up with a unique solution. By installing solar power and gaining access to satellite internet, the centers are now able to use the internet to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. The center staff have gained technological knowledge, which they are also able to pass on to the children, a valuable skill in communities where solar power is so important. Thank you for your partnership with centers as they seek to bring students the best possible resources that they can.

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