Dental Kit

In the Guatemalan community where 9-year-old Luis lives, visiting the dentist — or even owning a toothbrush — is a luxury that most families can’t afford. Many don’t understand the importance of dental hygiene. As a result, tooth decay is common; it can make children sick, unable to eat and keep them from school. But Luis doesn’t have to worry about that. Even though his single mother doesn’t earn enough to afford dental care for Luis and his sister, the Compassion center stepped into the gap with a dental kit and lessons in basic dental hygiene — thanks to the support of friends like you. “It is not common in my community to visit a dentist, so I am blessed to visit the dentist thanks to the center,” Luis says. “And I love my toothbrush. I feel my teeth getting stronger every time I brush. I do it after every meal, as my tutor taught me.” Thank you for equipping children like Luis with the resources they need for good dental health, so they can continue to grow up healthy!

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