Many children in the Marquina region of Bolivia do not know how to use the internet. At the New Jerusalem Church, they discovered that 75 percent of the children registered did not know how to do research online, meaning they were falling behind in school and would eventually struggle to compete for jobs. In this small town, there are no internet cafes, and parents do not have the resources for computers or internet at home. But because supporters like you gave the gift of computers, children at this center now have a computer lab that will benefit their futures. The 541 children there now have access to a computer lab, where they can take classes in various computer programs that enable them to research and do their homework. The classes will be given by a computer school that will present a certificate at the end of the program — a valuable tool for the older students looking for work or to attend university. Thank you for investing in the lives of these young people by giving the gift of computers — it is truly a valuable tool that they will benefit from for decades!

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