Thank You for Your Gift of Bathrooms and Hygiene Training

A tragic reality of poverty is that many children never learn the importance of proper hygiene because they do not have access to bathrooms or clean water. Poor hygiene increases the risk of disease and infection. Compassion centers in Uganda decided to change this reality for the children and families in their communities. With the help of generous friends like you, Compassion staff at six centers in Uganda are building bathrooms and providing hygiene training for registered children. Over 1,700 children will benefit from these interventions. The bathrooms and training will help children stay healthy by preventing disease. And by learning skills at their centers, children are more likely to bring their good hygiene habits home and share them with their families. And the best part is, stories like this are happening all over the globe — thanks to your generosity!

Because of Your Generosity

Watch how children are being released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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