Bathrooms and Hygiene Training

Every day, more than 150 children waited in long lines for the solitary toilet at Benggeris Village’s Compassion center in Indonesia. Often, children would grow impatient and slip off to the river to use the bathroom, a dangerous prospect for small children on the muddy banks of contaminated water. Because of partners like you, the Compassion center was able to request funding for new, modern toilets and health and hygiene training for children. “This project is almost four years old, but we have not been able to serve optimally due to limited facilities,” says Goklas, a staff member at the center. “Previously we did not have a proper toilet for all beneficiaries in the project. This is a serious problem for us. We want to help children with their physical development … to educate children to have a healthy body through healthy and clean behavior. Now we have 6 cabin toilets suitable for hundreds of beneficiaries in the project. Children’s lives will be better with this intervention.” Thank you for your gift of bathrooms and hygiene training!

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