Bathrooms and Hygiene Training

Access to clean water and proper sanitation has always been a huge challenge for a community in central Togo. The main sources of water are rain, unprotected wells and the local river, which is polluted by animal and human feces. Open defecation is also a challenge in this community, as 80% of the population does not have access to bathrooms. Due to the unclean water and poor hygiene, people are constantly sick with waterborne illnesses. Thankfully, a Compassion church partner in this community decided to make a change. And with the help of generous friends like you, they were able to build bathrooms at the church, provide clean water for children and offer classes on proper hygiene and sanitation. Now, children have access to clean water, sanitary bathrooms, a place to wash their hands and an understanding of proper hygiene. Since this initiative was completed, significantly fewer children have suffered from waterborne illnesses. Your gift of Bathrooms and Hygiene Training is helping children all around the world grow stronger and healthier — thank you!

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