Baking Classes

For young people in the Libertad community of Managua, Nicagragua, the opportunities to learn a trade are extremely limited. Without some kind of vocational classes at the local Compassion center, teens were beginning to leave, looking for job opportunities so they could help support their families. Sadly, most of these teens were also dropping out of school, and staff at the center knew the danger of this trend. Because you gave toward baking classes, the center was able to start its own workshop to teach students both how to bake and how to run a bakery business. Through this intervention, staff were able to buy all of the supplies needed for the baking classes. Sixty students enrolled in a six-month program at the center and then took an entrepreneurship training. At the end, students received a certification of completion, enabling them to apply for jobs at bakeries in their community. These classes give students both a skill and the knowledge to use that skill to break the cycle of poverty — thank you for your support!

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