Baby's Medical Care

Alondra was just two weeks old when her mother noticed something was wrong with one of her daughter’s eyes. She took her to a specialist where they live in Mexico, who diagnosed Alondra with a rare genetic disorder called aniridia (in which the iris is partly or fully gone) and a possible tumor. The testing and treatment needed to protect Alondra’s eyesight were far more costly than her family could afford. Her parents were devastated, but they trusted that God would help them find a way. “I couldn’t believe what the doctor was telling us and couldn’t stop the tears running down my cheeks,” says her mother, Rebeca. Fortunately, with support from friends like you, the Compassion center where Alondra was registered paid all of her medical expenses. “We feel very blessed that Compassion covered all the expenses: medical tests, transportation, eye drops and protective glasses for Alondra,” Rebeca says. Thanks to you, Alondra’s disease is now under control, and she continues to undergo regular treatment to prevent total vision loss. Thank you for helping meet urgent medical needs for babies like Alondra!

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