Thank You for Your Gift of an Academic Scholarship

Meet Verenice. She lives in Guatemala. When Verenice was in middle school, she began dreaming of becoming a doctor one day — but those dreams were nearly crushed. Even though she made money by baking and selling cakes, Verenice did not think she would be able to afford going to high school. In Guatemala, there are various fees students must pay to attend high school. Verenice often gave the money made from baking to her parents. High school was too expensive. But thanks to friends like you, Verenice received an academic scholarship to attend high school and study medicine. After two years, she is now ready to graduate from high school and enter college to earn a degree in medicine. “After I become a doctor, my dream is to open a free clinic in my community and help save lives,” Verenice says. Because Verenice received a scholarship, she has a bright and hopeful future. And the best part is, stories like hers are happening all over the globe — thanks to your generosity!

Because of Your Generosity

Watch how children are being released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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