Compassion Meet & Greet FAQs

Q: I already sponsor a child through Compassion, can I get a Compassion Meet & Greet pass?
A: Compassion Meet & Greet passes are available only for those who sign up to sponsor a child through this particular campaign. If you already sponsor a child through Compassion, perhaps consider sponsoring an additional child.

Q: Do I have to have a concert ticket in order to attend the Compassion Meet & Greet?
A: Yes, concert tickets are required to enter the venue in which the concert is held. Please visit to link to the ticketing outlet for the concert you’d like to attend.

Q: When and where will the Compassion Meet & Greet take place?
A: Each Compassion Meet & Greet will take place prior to the concert. Please arrive 90 minutes before the announced start time of the concert to enter the building, check in for the meet & greet and get to the designated location. The Compassion Meet & Greet location will be determined day of show and instructions where to go will be given to you upon arrival and check-in.

Q: May I give my Compassion Meet & Greet passes to someone else?
A: Yes, we will work to accommodate this change up to 2 weeks prior to the concert for which you have passes. Please email Lynette Van Eaton at [email protected] to make this request.

Q: We are a family of three. Is my child/friend allowed to attend the Compassion Meet & Greet with us?
A: Because of space limitations, we must limit the number of passes to two people per sponsorship.

Q: Will I be able to use my own camera for our picture with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith?
A: Yes, you are welcome to use your own camera or phone to take casual photos in the gathering.

Q: May I bring a gift to give Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith?
A: The sponsorship of your Compassion child is exactly what they wanted on their Christmas list, therefore we prefer you not bring any gifts or food to the Compassion Meet & Greet.