Church's Role

The Church's role in Compassion's child development ministry.

Church's Role
A local mission

Our church partners are responsible for the day-to-day activities that affect children's lives — they essentially "own" the local Compassion child development center. What's more, the center's committee and staff are recruited by and report directly to the local church leaders. These people all have:

  • A calling
  • A vision
  • Skill
  • Motivation for ministry to carry out effective child development activities

Church responsibilities

The church is also responsible for the funds that Compassion provides. It establishes its own bank account for the center and all money in that account is used for one purpose only: to promote child development. Some other important roles the church is responsible for include:

  • having an established work that has the respect of the local government, Christian community and general public
  • creating a structure that is not dependent on Compassion for its long-term existence
  • maintaining integrity and excellence in all operations
  • setting up an accountability structure and annual budget