Ways to Give

Compassion International is one of the country's largest Christian child development organizations. We offer so many ways to give that there is sure to be a place for everyone. Whether you give financially, donate your time, commit to praying, or participate in any of the other ways to give, we want you to be a part of this life-changing ministry.

Jesus Christ dedicated his life to giving to others. He was a model of generosity and as Christ-followers, we should strive to find ways to give our lives in the same spirit of generosity.

Sponsoring a child is one of the easiest ways to give. Along with providing a child in poverty with health care, food and clean water, and income-generating skills, as a sponsor you also have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with him and show him how much God loves him.

Another one of the most effective ways to give is to join our Advocates Network and share with other people about the ministry of Compassion. Your gift of time is invaluable to us.

As a part of Compasssion, there are so many ways to give that there is definitely a place for you. Explore our web site and find out how you can join our ministry today.

Ways to Give: How Can I make a Difference

There are many ways to give through Compassion that can transform a child's life — forever. Please get involved in one of Compassion's vital programs and help release children from poverty in Jesus' name! Programs begin at a child's earliest stages of development and continue through young adulthood. Investing in one of these ministries is one of the most important ways to give.

Looking for ways to give? Check out Compassion's life-changing programs:

  • Compassion's Child Survival Program intervenes at the earliest stages possible, offering lifesaving assistance to mothers and their babies. Mothers receive prenatal care, nutritional support and spiritual nurturing. If you have a heart for babies and toddlers, this is one of the most powerful ways to give!   
  • Change the life of a school-age child and help end the cycle of poverty — sponsor a child! Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program pairs you with a special child who needs your help. Sponsoring a child in desperate need is one of the most important ways to give. Your monthly support helps provide your child with food, health care and educational opportunities as needed. And your child will learn about God's love!  
  • If you want to help college-age students in poverty, one of the most meaningful ways to give is through Compassion's Leadership Development Program (LDP). LDP students have excelled in high school and are proven leaders. They just need someone to give them the tools to pursue their dreams. When you sponsor an LDP student, you help your student attend college and receive Christian training.
  • Compassion also offers ways to give through its Complementary Interventions. This program tackles areas like disaster response, malaria prevention and the AIDS Initiative. By giving to one of these essential ministries, you can help give the hope of Jesus Christ to families in desperate need.

Together, we can fight poverty and transform lives. Learn more about ways to give today!