Your Giving at Work

Got Stuff?

Give to Compassion and Help Release Children from Poverty


Did you know that Americans have $9 billion worth of unused iPhones? Did you know that we also have $30 billion worth of unused electronics? Most of these items are sitting and collecting dust within the home or taking up space. Instead of keeping these items, why not donate them to Compassion?

Through the gift of your iPhone, Computer, or Car, we are able to liquidate the items and use the funds for the greatest need within Compassion. When you give your item online, our partnering contractor iDonate, sends you an immediate receipt, sells your items, and sends Compassion the proceeds. Although your receipt will come from iDonate, your donation will benefit Compassion’s ministry and help release children from poverty.

Donate your items to Compassion.

We are grateful for you, your heart to give, and all you do to partner with us.

Water of Life


Eric Njoka, 13, makes three trips to the stream every day, carrying a yellow 20-liter jerry can in order to bring home enough water for domestic use.