Your Giving in Action

Donate a Vehicle and Bring Hope to a Child!

Compassion has contracted with CARSTM to make it easy to give vehicle donations. When you give, CARSTM receives and sells the vehicle, sending Compassion the proceeds. These proceeds help meet the most critical needs of the ministry and the children in Compassion’s programs!

Donate a car to Compassion.

We are grateful for you, your heart to give, and all you do to partner with us.

Water of Life


Eric Njoka, 13, makes three trips to the stream every day, carrying a yellow 20-liter jerry can in order to bring home enough water for domestic use.

Stories of Your Giving in Action
  • Rescued from Death's Grip

    “Life has been tough. The day I found out I was pregnant [again] was one of the darkest days of my life. I was already struggling to support the family” confesses Bizuayehu, a 35-year-old mother of two.

  • Child Survival Program: Hope for the Future

    The Child Survival Program has made a huge difference in the lives of mothers and babies throughout the village of Ruma. In addition to receiving nutritious food, health care, hygiene supplies and parenting classes, mothers are also taught life skills such as sewing.

  • Unsponsored Children: Happy's Story

    Compassion's Unsponsored Children's Fund allows vulnerable children like Happy to being flourishing in God’s love with the support they need. More than 17,000 children in Togo attend activities in the projects. Like Happy, about 4,000 of those boys and girls have yet to be sponsored.

  • I Exalt in the Greatness of God

    Alysia's recovery from a brain tumor has been miraculous. She is an an affirmation of God’s power to do miracles.

  • A Mother’s Story

    After a devastating loss, a desperate mother considers taking her own life. The Child Survival Program helped her find light in the midst of her darkest time.

  • Little Trickles Making a Difference

    The dust is settling in Eric’s home as far as the outbreak of disease is concerned. The little drops of "water of life" have them looking forward to happier, healthier days.