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When you join Compassion International's Prayer Partner Network, you will receive a monthly prayer calendar via e-mail at the end of each month.

The monthly prayer calendar will help you pray consistently for "the least of these." Please take a few minutes each day to pray for a child and commit the child's need to our loving Father.

A Message from Mark Hanlon
Mark Hanlon

Do you remember your childhood best friend? Mine was a kid named Bill. I still remember the joy of having a best friend. Someone to laugh with and have adventures with. Someone who was simply there for me. Someone I still call a dear friend.

At Compassion, we talk a lot about holistic child development. One of the components of that is “social-emotional.” But it could just as easily be called “friendship.” Our centers are filled with best friends. Little girls giggling together. Little boys roughhousing on the playground.

But the miracle of those friendships is that for many children in poverty, best friends can be hard to come by. When a child has to work and care for her younger siblings, finding time to build deep friendships can be challenging. And a child who has been abused and neglected has a hard time trusting even a best friend.

Later this month we celebrate the International Day of Friendship. Will you join me in praying for the social development of the children we serve? That their lives will be richly blessed with friends who help them to play and grow and trust? That these friends will come alongside them in these challenging times?

Thank you again for your continued prayers for the development of these amazing children. Your words bring joy into their lives!

Mark Hanlon signature
Mark Hanlon
Senior Vice President
Global Marketing and Engagement

  • UPDATE: Last month we prayed for families in Indonesia affected by heavy rains and asked that floodwaters would recede quickly. Praise God they did and all families are back home.
  • We praise God that no Compassion children were directly affected by toxic fumes from a large fire in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Local centers provided masks, milk, vitamins and eye exams.
  • We praise God that Basil’s father in Ghana, who was bedridden for six months, is healing steadily and is now able to walk.
  • We praise God that no Compassion staff or children in eastern India and Thailand were affected by the recent earthquake.