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prayer calendar

Prayer calendar - When you join our Prayer Partner Network, you will receive our monthly prayer calendar via e-mail at the end of each month.

Our monthly prayer calendar will help you pray consistently for "the least of these." Please take a few minutes each day to pray for a child and commit the child's need to our loving Father.

Prayer Calendar

Dear Prayer Partner,

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. — Psalm 119:105, NIV

Can you think of a time, particularly in your childhood, that you felt afraid of the dark? Maybe it was a poorly lit basement or a shadowy bedroom. Most parents, myself included, have checked under the bed for monsters and left a light burning overnight to bring a little bit of comfort to a scared child.

It’s no surprise, then, that poverty is so often described as a place of darkness. Because for the children we serve, those fears are real. Bad things do happen at night. Violence frequently, and unfortunately, arrives in their neighborhoods as soon as the sun sets.

But for more than 1.5 million Compassion-assisted children around the world, there is Light. At the churches where they attend Compassion activities, God’s Word is a source of hope and peace. It is a lamp they can use in times of darkness. His Word is a light on paths through, and out of, poverty.

This month, will you pray that, in times of darkness and fear, children will know the true source of Light? Pray that the Bible will be a source of comfort to them. When the children are at home and the darkness is drawing in, pray that their minds are filled not with fear, but with scripture – with God’s promises for His children.

Thank you, again, for your thoughtful prayers for the children we serve. You are pointing these precious children to the Light, and for that I am so thankful!

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Mark Hanlon
Global Marketing and Engagement
Compassion International


UPDATE: Last month we prayed for Alex in Kenya who went missing in May. We praise God because Alex has been found!

We praise God that Tithi, Surja and Sanjib in India have all been completely healed and are attending the child development center activities every day!

We praise God for the new babies born to Compassion Tanzania staff members Thomas and Elias!

We praise God for the implementation of new health and nutrition initiatives in Mexico that provide more specific and specialized care for our beneficiaries!

All children mentioned have sponsors and their monetary needs are supplied. In situations of disaster or dire need, local Compassion staff have stepped in to provide and arrange emergency assistance and support.

Verse of the Month

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

— Psalm 119:105, NIV

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Tuesday 1

Pray for God to heal Puja’s father, Dilip, in India. He is suffering from cancer, jaundice and kidney damage and needs God’s comfort and strength.

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Wednesday 2

Pray for Juan and Katherin’s mother in El Salvador. She is battling cervical cancer and needs prayer for healing and comfort.

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Thursday 3

Pray for Fatuma in Kenya who is suffering from convulsions and hallucinations that are affecting her ability to perform in school. Her mother asks that we pray for God’s healing touch.

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Friday 4

Please continue to pray for the health of our beneficiaries in the Philippines who are now suffering upper respiratory infections due to a fire that destroyed several homes.

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Saturday 5

Maria in Brazil requests prayer that there would never be a lack of food in her home. Pray for God’s provision for her family, and that they will always secure enough to eat.

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Sunday 6

Please continue to pray for God’s healing and protection of our beneficiaries and staff in Ghana as they work to repair damages and return to their normal lives after flooding.

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Monday 7

Pray for God to comfort Treasury, a staff member at a child development center in Indonesia. She recently lost her husband to cancer and needs God’s comfort as she mourns.

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Tuesday 8

International Literacy Day: Pray that God would continue to bless the efforts of Compassion’s church partners as they work to lift children and their parents from poverty through literacy programs.

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Wednesday 9

Pray for God’s protection and provision for 28 of our beneficiaries in Ecuador who lost their homes in a devastating landslide.

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Thursday 10

Pray for Darcy in Uganda whose mother is battling breast cancer. Pray for God’s comfort for Darcy, and for His healing touch for her mother.

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Friday 11

Pray for healing for the mother of Pa’koh in Thailand, as she is suffering from shingles.

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Saturday 12

Pray for God’s provision for the four families in Peru who lost their homes in a massive fire. Please also pray for God’s comfort in the midst of their loss.

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Sunday 13

Pray for comfort for country staff members in Tanzania who are grieving the loss of loved ones: Mary who lost her mother; Magdalene who lost her father; and Jennifer who lost her brother.

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Monday 14

Pray for healing and provision for Swaraswati in India who is suffering from waterborne diseases and malnutrition. Pray that center staff can help her to recover completely.

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Tuesday 15

Pray for the family and friends of Dylan in Guatemala, who recently passed away. Pray for God to comfort and strengthen them in their time of loss and grief.

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Wednesday 16

Please pray for God’s comfort for Innocent and his siblings in Rwanda. They lost their mother to HIV-related illnesses and are now under the care of their father, who is HIV-positive.

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Thursday 17

Pray for God’s strength and provision for Fellisia and her family in Indonesia. Their home was destroyed by a fire.

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Friday 18

Pray for God to heal Robert in Bolivia who has fluid on his brain and is in the hospital. Please pray for God to comfort his family as well.

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Saturday 19

Pray for God to comfort two children from Kenya: Jecinta, who lost her mother, and Michael, who lost his father and is now an orphan. Please also pray for their protection.

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Sunday 20

Pray for 5-year-old Emmanuel in Mexico who has scoliosis. Pray that God would strengthen his body and guide center staff and family members in making appropriate medical decisions.

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Monday 21

Pray for patience and wisdom for our staff in Thailand as they navigate through information technology changes and new equipment.

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Tuesday 22

Pray for God to heal 10-year-old Job in El Salvador who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Please pray for guidance for his doctors as they treat him.

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Wednesday 23

Pray for God’s love, comfort and provision for Patricia and her siblings in Ghana. Their mother is very sick and unable to care for them.

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Thursday 24

Pray for Wisdeiris’ family in the Dominican Republic, as their house burned down and they lost all their belongings. They give thanks to God, however, because they are all alive.

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Friday 25

Pray for Oliver from Uganda who is suffering from cancer of the parotid gland and recently had surgery. Pray for his complete healing.

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Saturday 26

Pray for God to comfort the family of Prasanta in India; she recently passed away due to heart problems.

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Sunday 27

Pray for God’s strength, love and provision for Ismael, Daniel and Patrícia in Brazil. Their mother abandoned the family and their father struggles with alcoholism.

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Monday 28

Pray for healing for 4-year-old Nfura in Rwanda who was severely burned by hot milk. Pray also that peace would be restored between his parents as they are having marital problems.

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Tuesday 29

Pray for healing for 16-year-old Geydi in Mexico who suffered a severe head injury. Pray that she completely recovers from the internal hemorrhaging without any brain damage.

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Wednesday 30

Pray for God’s provision and comfort for Ann in Kenya whose mother is critically ill and bedridden. Ann’s father abandoned the family and they have been evicted from their house.

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