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World AIDS Day

What is World AIDS Day? World AIDS Day is officially recognized every year on December 1. It is a global day of action and awareness in the fight against HIV and AIDS. You can help fight the HIV and AIDS today. Give to Compassion's AIDS Initiative in recognition of World AIDS Day.


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World AIDS Day
WHAT is World AIDS Day?

World AIDS Day is officially recognized every year on December 1, as proclaimed by UNICEF. It is a global day of action and awareness in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

You can join the movement. Donate to Compassion’s AIDS Initiative or Sponsor an AIDS-affected child today.

WHY Bring Awareness to HIV and AIDS?

In 2014, 2 million people were newly infected with HIV. 1

New infections are an introduction to a vicious cycle, one that can be prevented through education and the access to medicine.

In 2014, only 40 percent of people living with HIV (14.9 million) were receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART). 1

Sadly, HIV and AIDS leave children in poverty without help or hope.

Three of four children living with HIV are not receiving HIV treatment. 2

When you donate to Compassion’s AIDS Initiative you are bringing hope and critical care to mothers and newborns (among others) who are faced with or infected with HIV or AIDS.

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WHO is Infected by This Disease?

There were approximately 36 million people living with HIV at the end of 2014. 1 Of these, approximately 3.3 million were under the age of 15. 3

The numbers are overwhelming. This is a pandemic that must be addressed.

Take action today and donate to Compassion’s AIDS Initiative fund.

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HOW Can I Support and Raise Awareness for World AIDS Day?

You can partner with Compassion International by donating to our AIDS Initiative fund.

This fund does not just help children who are infected with the HIV virus or living with AIDS, but it also supports others who are affected when their parents and/or siblings die from AIDS.

You can intervene today by giving to this fund, which exists to:

  • prevent the transmission of HIV and AIDS through education.
  • treat those who are infected, offering ART and transportation to clinics, along with counseling and support.
  • rehabilitate Compassion-assisted children who have lost a parent to AIDS or who are infected with HIV.
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WHEN Can I help?

World AIDS Day is recognized every year on the first of December. You can show your support in the fight against HIV and AIDS by giving to Compassion’s AIDS Initiative fund on this day.

But, it doesn’t have to be World AIDS Day for you to play a critical role in the fight against this disease. You can give any day of the year. You can even choose to give $10.00 monthly or more.

Step in the gap for a child in poverty today. Donate to the AIDS Initiative fund.

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