A Journey Paved with Prayers

A Journey Paved with Prayers

By: Elizabeth Karanja in Kenya   |   Posted: December 21, 2006

A Compassion LDP Student Learns of Her Father's Provisions

An LDP specialist shows Esther how to use her new computer.

"Weep not my child, weep not Esther," whispered Esther Amati's mother as she wiped the tears from her daughter's cheeks. "If you believe, you will go beyond, even up to the university."

God Hears His Children's Prayers

Esther had just received her high school graduation results, and she had placed among the top five students in her class. Her tears of joy were mixed with tears of sorrow, though, for as much as she desired to go to college, she knew her family could not afford it. But she also knew her mother's words were true. Hadn't God already shown her that He cares for each of His children?

As a young girl, Esther had little desire to do well in school. Even as a child, she knew that her family, who lived as peasant farmers in Emwiru, Kenya, could not afford to send her past primary school. As the oldest of six children, Esther grew up quickly as she helped her mother care for her younger brothers and sisters. She dreamed of one day going to the university so she could help provide for her family.

A Mother's Faith

Esther's prayers were answered when she was accepted into Compassion's child development program at the Emwiru Church of God Child Development Center. She excelled in elementary and high school, but she still didn't know how she would be able to afford college, where she dreamed of majoring in social work.

But she held to her mother's whispered prayers and, at the suggestion of her project director, she applied for Compassion's Leadership Development Program, designed to help graduates of Compassion's child development program attend college.

Other Needs Supplied

To Esther's joy, she was accepted into the program and enrolled at the University of Nairobi. She is now a fourth-year student in social work, and her dream is to work in the poorest communities in Kenya to change the lives of generations of children. However, Esther found it difficult to find a computer to do her work, and she spent hours handwriting the papers for her classes.

"Social work students have a lot of writing to do," says Esther. "You have proposals to write and term papers and projects." When Esther could find a computer she had to pay to use it, a luxury she often couldn't afford.

When the Leadership Development Program (LDP) discovered the difficulties Kenyan students were having obtaining computers to do their coursework, they secured the funds to provide computers for the students. Now Esther and other LDP students in Kenya can learn valuable computer skills they will eventually use in their jobs.

"I know that my dreams of being a social worker will one day come true," says Esther. "I believe."

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