Christian employment

You only have one shot at life. Make it count. At Compassion, there are many Christian employment opportunities that will allow you to spend your career doing something powerful to increase the Kingdom of God. Explore the available Christian employment positions and join us in the fight against global poverty.

By joining the team at Compassion, you have the opportunity to gain Christian employment and make the most out of your life. You might spend more than 90,000 hours of your lifetime at work. Why not spend this time rescuing children from poverty in Jesus' name?

While there are many places that offer Christian employment, Compassion is unique for a variety of reasons. You have the opportunity to work with other Christians in a positive, Christ-centered environment. You have the freedom to live out your faith at work. You can have confidence that your daily job is literally changing the world! There is not much more rewarding than that.

View Christian employment opportunities at Compassion International and live out your calling through your career.

Employment Opportunities

Put Your Calling to Work

Make a difference for children living in abject poverty around the globe. We're looking for people like you who want to live out their calling through their career skills. Approximately 2,000 dedicated Compassion employees already have! We sincerely believe that your calling is God-given. It's who you are, wherever you are. It is the sum total of your competencies, your character, and your compatibility to work with others.

Working at Compassion

See how you can achieve your career goals and fulfill your calling while making a global impact by viewing our videos.

How to Apply Online

There are a few simple steps to take before applying online.


How would you like to join the war on poverty and make a difference in the lives of more than 1 million children around the world? Compassion International offers an Internship Program that fits both your passion and your education!