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September 2014 Sponsor E-News

One Day

How will your sponsored child remember you? Compassion graduates share how their sponsors changed their lives and give you a glimpse of the impact you have as a sponsor.

full potential

Full Potential

A young girl, left deaf because of neglect, grows up to form a ministry serving disabled children in Uganda, and teaches them that with God, all things are possible.

the gift of literacy

The Gift of Literacy

Being illiterate can make the world a scary place. See how a Child Survival Program in Bolivia discovers that 40 percent of the enrolled moms can’t read or write — and launches a literacy initiative to provide a brighter future.

a family's sacrifice

A Family's Sacrifice

A Leadership Development Program student learns how God uses the circumstances in her life, including a painful separation from her family, to bring her to a place of hope and service to others.

who would've helped me

Who Would've Helped Me?

The mother of two Compassion-assisted children struggles with a health issue that could leave her sons orphaned. But through Compassion and the local church, she finally finds healing.

compassion works jorge's story

Compassion Works: Jorge's Story

In the streets of Fortaleza, Brazil, Jorge Luis was constantly tempted by drugs and gangs. But see how Jorge’s journey took a new direction when he began taking karate classes at his Compassion center — and how he is using his skills to release dozens of other children from poverty.

can we defeat poverty

Can We Defeat Poverty?

This infographic explores the changing face of poverty and the potential that it can be defeated in our lifetime.