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March 2016 Sponsor eNews

What Happens When We Say Yes

Mike is just your typical sponsor. But when he said yes to sharing his sponsorship story with his church, he got to see others say yes to releasing children from poverty.

Two Haitian teens do some electrical work

A Dream for Tariza

Tariza has Olympic-sized dreams. Literally. The 12-year-old dreams of being a professional martial artist, and Compassion and her family are helping her build a foundation for the future. She has her eyes set on the 2020 Olympics — and on a life free of poverty.

A young girl holds a sheet of paper in her hands

A New Identity

Without a birth certificate or proof of citizenship, Sombat had no hope of ever escaping poverty. His Compassion center helped him escape the hopelessness that had enveloped him to find a new identity in Christ.

A young girl holds a sheet of paper in her hands

In the Word — Fighting the Good Fight

What does it mean to "fight the good fight"? For Gabriel in El Salvador, 1 Timothy 6:12 is more than a verse in the Bible — it is a life lived.

A mother holding her infant daughter.

Now, My Life Has Hope

Changing the mindset of someone in poverty can be even more difficult than changing their circumstances. When Amoudatou and her youngest child, Edoh, registered in the Child Survival Program, she had lost all hope. But the staff taught her that she, and her family, were worth fighting for.

a colombian college student with his mother

One Opportunity Can Change a Life

Life at home was hard for Luis Carlos. His father was gone, and his mother was sick. But perseverance, combined with opportunities at his Compassion center, helped foster strength in Luis Carlos that has brought him success he never could have imagined.

a haitian family

Joy Restored

Fritz Bernard wanted to provide a sturdy, safe home for his family. But years of hurricanes had left their house battered, and a horrific accident left Fritz unable to make even the most basic repairs. See how the church intervened, helping provide a home that Fritz and his family could be proud of.