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December 2014 Sponsor E-News

United Through Prayer

Even though your sponsored child may live thousands of miles away, there is one thing that can bring your worlds together: prayer. In this video, learn the importance of your prayers for your sponsored child, as well as the humbling fact that he or she also lifts you up, by name, in prayer.

A 72-year old grandmother in Colombia with her grandchildren.

A Grandmother's Love

Francia knows all too well the challenges of raising children in poverty. But at 72 years old, she is now raising her four grandchildren, and the obstacles are greater than ever before.

A Ugandan woman named Grace.

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Orphaned and raised by a verbally abusive aunt, Grace believed the lies she was told — that she was “bad-hearted.” But at the Compassion center, Grace would soon learn that she was loved far more than she could ever know.

An Asian women crochets while her daughter sits on her lap, holding a lollipop.

One Stitch at a Time

Vivi had never even held a piece of yarn until the day she took a crochet class at the Child Survival Program. But crocheting would soon give her both a skill and the confidence she had always lacked.

A clos-up of a West African child looking into the camera.

Responding to Ebola in West Africa

West Africa is the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak — and home to nearly 125,000 Compassion-assisted children. This photo essay highlights the facts about this disease and the measures Compassion is taking to protect children in West Africa.

Richmond Wandera

Compassion Works: Richmond's Story

Richmond Wandera grew up in the slums of Uganda, scavenging for food after the murder of his father. But his story did not end there. This powerful video shows Richmond’s transformation from an impoverished child to a sought-after preacher and speaker — all because one 15-year-old girl chose to sponsor him!

A young child holding a stuffed red bear.

Prized Possessions

On Christmas Day children around the world will be opening gifts and playing with their new toys. What can you learn about a child based on his or her favorite toy? This photo essay gives you a glimpse into the lives of children we serve.