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December 2013 Sponsor eNews
long-journey-of-relief-for-the-philippines Long Journey of Relief for the Philippines

See how Compassion Philippines has launched recovery efforts following Typhoon Haiyan—and how Compassion is committed to full rebuilding and recovery efforts in this battered country.


A Firm Foundation

Luis’ childhood was marked by loss and instability. There was little for him to place his trust in. Would Compassion be able to help this boy find hope again?


A Woman Among Women

Widowed with seven children, Bhoke was afraid to reveal her secret to the Compassion staff who could help her. Read how Compassion helped this mother find healing and a new beginning.


Boundless Grace from a Living God

A young mother in India worships a God of fear and vengeance. Through the Child Survival Program, Compassion helped her find truth, and raise her child in a home filled with grace and love.


“I Want to Make a Difference”

Shuffled from family member to family member, Joyce had little support or stability as a child. But through the Leadership Development Program, she believes she can help other children break the cycle of poverty that held her family captive.


A Virtual Letter-Writing Group

Did you know that there are Compassion letter-writing ideas on Pintrest? Everything from gifts to holiday ideas to ways to share Bible verses. Check it out today!.


Five Ways to Teach Children About the Needs of Others

“When our daughter Hailey was 5 she asked, “Are we rich or poor?” At the time, we actually had little in comparison with what’s often expected in our culture. But we also knew that how we answered her question would leave a lasting impression on her sense of abundance.” Read the full blog post.

Merry Christmas from Compassion

As we prepare for Christmas in the United States, kids all over the world are preparing to celebrate Christmas with their Compassion family, some for the very first time. From Africa to Asia and across the Americas, local traditions may vary but some things remain the same.

Every Compassion-assisted child will experience the excitement of opening a gift and celebrating with her friends this Christmas. And every child will have the opportunity to hear the story of Jesus—God come to earth.

As children gather together to sing, play games, join in nativity plays and share a special meal together, more than 1.4 million Compassion-assisted children around the world will know that God created them and loves them, and that he was born into this world for them.

And this Christmas, we rejoice with the 125,042 children in Compassion’s programs who accepted Christ this year! That is the true reason we celebrate this season! From our Compassion family all over the world, we wish you a wonderful Christmas!