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sponsor a student

Sponsor a Student. Dewi grew up in a poor family where simply surviving was a daily struggle — regular meals were a luxury. Thanks to the Leadership Development Program, Dewi is studying to be a teacher in special education.

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Developing Future Leaders

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) develops Christian leaders, enabling young adults to bring change to their world. Students selected for the LDP have distinguished themselves in the sponsorship program through spiritual service, academic excellence and leadership. Graduates are leaders in their countries, serving as doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers and dozens of other professional careers.

Through the LDP students receive*:

  • Scholarship at an accredited university
  • Housing, textbooks, supplies, transportation
  • Christian leadership training
  • Health checkups and medical treatments
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • In-country Compassion support

* Students may receive the above based on their need.

Success Stories ldp-info-success-stories-210x141

LDP students are among the world’s best and brightest—and each has overcome terrible poverty. Read their stories.

Videos ldp-info-videos-210x141

These incredible videos give you a glimpse into the life of LDP students who are making a difference in their home countries.

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