Dr. Bruce Wydick

Dr. Bruce Wydick
Dr. Bruce Wydick

Bruce Wydick is professor of economics and international studies at the University of San Francisco. Professor Wydick received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 1996, studying under 2001 Economics Nobel laureate George Akerlof. Professor Wydick teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in development economics, international economics, microeconomics, and game theory. He currently serves as the co-director of the master's program in International and Development Economics and is active in both research and development practitioner work in western Guatemala. He has served as a consultant and a collaborator with the World Bank as well as faith-based development organizations including Compassion International, World Relief, and Opportunity International.

His research applies game-theoretic, econometric, and experimental methods to understanding issues of poverty, development, and social change, with a particular focus on development policy in low-income countries. He has received funding from the Pew Charitable Trust, the McCarthy Foundation, the Jesuit Foundation, and USAID for research in development economics, and has published over a dozen academic articles in the Economic Journal, Economica, the Journal of Development Economics, the Journal of Development Studies, Economic Development and Cultural Change, World Development, and other journals. In 2007 he was winner of an international contest sponsored by USAID for innovations in development program impact studies.

His book Games in Economic Development was published in 2008 by Cambridge University Press. In recent years, he has given invited presentations at both Harvard and Princeton universities on research in development economics. He is a regular contributor and serves on the editorial board of PRISM magazine, published by Evangelicals for Social Action, and has published opinion pieces in the last few years in USA Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Diego Union-Tribute, and the San Jose Mercury News.

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