Christian Musicians

Music is a powerful story-telling medium. Compassion partners with a wide range of Christian musicians who are using their music to make a difference in the lives of children in poverty. These Christian musicians have a God-given gift and a passion to help us share the message of God's heart for the poor.

All around the country, well-known Christian musicians like Bebo Norman, SuperChick, Mercy Me and many others are sharing Compassion's ministry with their audiences and giving them an opportunity to make a difference for a child in poverty.

Although the Christian musicians come from a wide variety of music genres, they all share a passion and committment to obey God's command to speak up for "the least of these." From contemporary Christian to southern gospel to rock and roll to country, our artist ambassadors are reaching audiences in every musical arena.

Many of our Christian musicians view their partnership with Compassion as a powerful way they can use their music to make a real difference in a hurting world, and this allows them to use their gift to glorify God.

Music Artists

For more than 30 years Compassion has partnered with artists. These artist ambassadors have served as advocates lending their time, talent and voice to care for the least of these. The result - through their efforts more than 270,000 children have been sponsored. Powerful indeed.

Featured Music Artists

Compassion works with artists from many genres and musical styles.  From contemporary Christian to Southern gospel, rock and roll to country.  What connects these artists is a common bond to speak on behalf of the poor.  Below a few of our artists share about why they partner with Compassion.  You can also see ALL ARTIST AMBASSADORS here.

Bebo Norman

"In many ways Compassion is why I still play music. I don't mean to be disingenuous about the important ways that God uses music to communicate the gospel but, to me, if I didn't have the opportunity to speak on behalf of Compassion every night, I feel certain that I wouldn't be using my platform as a musician to the full calling of Christ. After all these years I am still in love with the cause of Compassion because I have a very hard time differentiating between the cause of Compassion and the cause of Christ himself."

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Mercy Me

What if kindness really could change the world? For that simple hearted question to engage today's complex society requires a bit of creativity. So when a duly imaginative group desired to write penetrating new music about loving well, a character was born.

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Seventh Day Slumber

Joseph Rojas, lead singer of Seventh Day Slumber, is used to being looked upon as an outcast. His tattoos and body piercings attract stares. But on a recent trip to Ecuador through Seventh Day Slumber's partnership with Compassion, Joseph received a look he wasn't prepared for; the gaze of God's love from hundreds of squirming children.

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Superchick is living up to its name. Its first four albums have combined for 700,000 copies sold, more than 70 film, television and videogame song placements, and five No. 1 singles. But for a band inspired to empower its listeners, its new album does more than walk the talk… it rocks the talk!

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The Ineloquent

The Ineloquent exists to give glory to God, to encourage and challenge the universal church and to share the Gospel of God’s love with a world in need.  The Ineloquent believes that any abilities they have or messages they bring forth are not their own, but come from God and are to be used for His glory.  Without God in their lives, they have nothing to say

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