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Children living in poverty are especially vulnerable to disease and sickness and your medical donation can make a big difference in their lives. When a child in poverty faces medical issues, he is even more vulnerable to the devastating effects of poverty, and your medical donation can literally save his life. Giving your medical donation through Compassion’s medical assistance fund will allow a child in poverty access to the best medical treatment available, regardless of cost.

When you give a medical donation through our program, your money will help provide for expensive but critical treatments such as surgery, vision and hearing issues, prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, trauma counseling and special dental needs.

Compassion’s medical assistance fund is one of our Complementary Interventions and together with our holistic child development program, it allows children escape the crippling effects of poverty. Your medical donation will.

When you make a medical donation through our medical assistance fund, you can be assured that your money will directly help children who need it most – children living in poverty and facing medical issues. Give today and change a life forever.

Medical Assistance

Living in poverty is difficult enough. But families can be devastated when severe conditions like cancer, heart disease or traumatic injury occur and no money is available for treatment.

Compassion steps in to help with situations that include surgery, vision and hearing issues, prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, trauma counseling, special dental needs and funeral expenses.

Our assistance covers medical needs but also helps individuals continue functioning. Children can also stay with their families as they recover.

This fund is a part of Health and Medical Needs

How Compassion Helps

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Ammy was born with retinoblastoma, a malignant, metastatic cancer. Without surgery to remove her eyes, the cancer would spread to her brain and she would not make it to her first birthday.

When Ammy was 8 weeks old, surgeons removed both of her eyes. Her recovery was slow and painful, and her family fell deep into debt. Then her mother Lourdes discovered Compassion and saw how the staff looked into her daughter's face with no disgust or fear.

Compassion workers arranged for Ammy to be fitted with prosthetic eyes. The medical program covered Ammy's bills, and a month later Lourdes held Ammy in her arms, staring in wonder at her daughter's blinking brown eyes.

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