Rescue Babies

Rescue Babies

Rescue babies from poverty through Compassion International's Child Survival Program. Your tax-deductible commitment to the Child Survival Program will allow babies and infants in poverty to survive. Your charitable donation provides nutrition, education and medical intervention for babies in poverty.

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Compassion International is a Christian non-profit that provides for babies and mothers in poverty. Donations to charity are tax deductible.

The CSP center you were looking for has been fully funded! Please see the featured center below which is in need of your support.

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For just $20 a month you can partner with us to rescue babies and mothers that are in desperate need.
Featured Child Survial Center: Injilia CSP in East Indonesia
Why This Center?
Injilia CSP, East Indonesia

In the community of Watudambo, on the northwest coast of Indonesia, women become mothers at the average age of 18.

Many of these young, first-time moms have very little knowledge about how to care for a baby, and most do not understand basic nutritional or sanitation needs.

Unemployment is high in this poverty-stricken area and though many men work as farmers, they do not earn adequate income to provide for their families’ basic needs. Women are uneducated and even those who are able to find work doing laundry do not earn enough to make a living.

For $20 a month, I'd like to:
Charity Navigator 4-star CharityCharity Navigator, the largest independent evaluator of charities in the country, has awarded Compassion its highest ranking for twelve years in a row. The organization also ranked Compassion in the top one percent of charities.
The Child Survival Program: Compassion's First Response to Poverty

The Injilia Child Survival Program reaches out to these young, struggling families and offers them hope. It connects them with resources and training, giving them life-changing benefits like:

  • monthly supplemental food and vitamins
  • regular health care and medical checkups
  • basic household supplies and toiletries like soap, towels and toothbrushes
  • toys and a safe place for children to play
  • a Bible and spiritual instruction
  • literacy training for mothers
  • income-generation skills

When you support the Injilia CSP, you give children the chance to survive and escape the generational cycle of poverty. Mothers learn skills that allow them to earn income and give them hope that life can be different.

Most importantly, they are introduced to a God who loves them deeply.

For $20 a month, I'd like to:
Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity Compassion is an accredited charity with the Better Business Bureau. With this recognition, you can make your charitable donation with confidence as you touch lives worldwide.
It Works: A Success Story

Agnes and her husband have four children. She attends Injilia CSP with her two-year-old daughter Naysila. Her husband works as a motorcycle taxi driver, earning $2 a day.

Agnes spends most of that money on food for her family.

At the center, Agnes has learned income-generating skills like planting and making cookies. She has also connected with other mothers in the Center. Agnes acknowledges what difference joining Injilia CSP has made in her life.

I have changed after joining CSP. I have become a capable, brave and diligent mother. I like to attend worship and was chosen as a coordinator of women group. I am so grateful to God for His continuous blessing to my family.
For $20 a month, I'd like to:
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