Rescue Babies

Rescue Babies

Rescue babies from poverty through Compassion International's Child Survival Program. Your tax-deductible commitment to the Child Survival Program will allow babies and infants in poverty to survive. Your charitable donation provides nutrition, education and medical intervention for babies in poverty.

  • Infant mortality
  • Babies in poverty
  • Baby survival

Compassion International is a Christian non-profit that provides for babies and mothers in poverty. Donations to charity are tax deductible.

The CSP center you were looking for has been fully funded! Please see the featured center below which is in need of your support.

Help Babies
How CSP WorksHelp BabiesHow CSP WorksHelp Babies
How CSP WorksHelp BabiesHow CSP WorksHelp Babies
For just $20 a month you can partner with us to rescue babies and mothers that are in desperate need.
Featured Child Survival Center: Holeta Mulu Wongel Child Survival Program
Why This Center?
Center for Children of the Future Child Survival Program CSP, Philippines

Health and social issues create hardships for families here in the western section of Addis Ababa. Women begin having children at a young age, and families have an average of 6 children per family. With a low literacy rate and little training for young mothers, caring and providing for such large families can be a challenge.

High unemployment rates, prostitution and child labor are common problems facing the residents of this area.

Out of every 1,000 children in Holeta, 140 will die before their fifth birthday, largely due to intestinal parasites, malnutrition, and HIV/AIDS. Life can seem hopeless for mothers facing such an uphill battle.

For $20 a month, I'd like to:
Charity Navigator 4-star CharityCharity Navigator, the largest independent evaluator of charities in the country, has awarded Compassion its highest ranking for thirteen years in a row. The organization also ranked Compassion in the top one percent of charities.
The Child Survival Program: Compassion's First Response to Poverty

The Holeta Mulu Wongel Child Survival Program been serving this community since 1993. The CSP provides mothers and their babies with life-changing benefits like:

  • supplemental food and clean water
  • health education (childhood illnesses, family planning, hygiene, etc.)
  • literacy and job skills training
  • Bibles and Bible teaching
  • education and literacy instruction for mothers
  • counseling and emotional support

When you give to the Holeta Mulu Wongel CSP, you offer families in Holeta a chance to thrive and give parents the tools to keep their families healthy. More importantly, you are showing the love of Jesus to people who desperately need it.

For $20 a month, I'd like to:
Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity Compassion is an accredited charity with the Better Business Bureau. With this recognition, you can make your charitable donation with confidence as you touch lives worldwide.
It Works: A Success Story

After the death of her first husband and her second marriage to an alcoholic, Bezuayehu discovered she was pregnant with her second child and also HIV positive. Understandably depressed and confused, she considered having an abortion. Instead, she gave birth to a boy, Yeabsira, and joined the CSP.

Thanks to the CSP, she is able to get milk for Yeabsira and soap for washing clothes. She also benefits from fellowship with mothers which helps keep her encouraged.

Her outlook has improved drastically due to her participation in the CSP.

Already I can say that my life is 10 times better than before and I can surely say that I am now a better mother. The teachings and support have helped me to feel that things are getting better, which they are.

God has done me a very big favor for me and my son to become part of the CSP. I consider my child being saved from death and my hopes are now renewed.
For $20 a month, I'd like to:
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