Group Tours

A Compassion Tour is a life-changing experience. It’s an opportunity to witness your ministry fighting at the front lines of spiritual, economic and physical poverty. Each trip allows sponsors to spend time with their sponsored children, meet our local staff, experience the local culture and area, and get an insider's look at Compassion's child development programs in a safe and organized group setting.

Group Tours
A Trip of a Lifetime
Group Tour

If a trip to a developing country is outside your comfort zone, be assured that Compassion will be alongside you every step of the way. Experienced Compassion team leaders have your best interest in mind at all times. Our staff members are well prepared to make your journey safe and enjoyable. Compassion will guide you through key trip preparations, such as obtaining passports, visas (if necessary) and immunizations. We’ll provide travel tips, a packing list, and fun ideas for children’s gifts. We want each trip to be a memorable, seamless visit for you and the precious children you’ll meet.

Few investments in life can compare with your Compassion Tour. Your journey will leave you with a lasting memory of your sponsored child and also a specific look at how God is working with these children and their families. You’ll witness God’s love in fresh ways as you meet these children, and it will transform your life. Most sponsors are surprised by how much they grow spiritually on Compassion Tours. God moves them in ways they never expected. You’ll discover a new appreciation for your own blessings as you see how grateful children in poverty are for the little they have. And as you’re inspired by the work of your ministry, you will find a heightened passion for being the hands of Christ. As other sponsors tell us, you’ll return home feeling like you were the one who was blessed.

Please refer to our Sponsor Tours FAQ page to learn more about our Sponsor Tours. You may also contact us at (800) 336-7542 or by e-mail at

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