Group Tour Preparation

A Compassion Tour is a life-changing experience. It’s an opportunity to witness your ministry fighting at the front lines of spiritual, economic and physical poverty. Each trip allows sponsors to spend time with their sponsored children, meet our local staff, experience the local culture and area, and get an insider's look at Compassion's child development programs in a safe and organized group setting.

Group Tour Preparation
What you need to know about your upcoming sponsor tour.

See the tabs below for details on securing your passport, getting your immunizations, a personal packing checklist, and ideas of what to bring for your sponsored child.

A passport is required for all travel outside of the United States. This includes all the countries affiliated with Compassion International. If necessary, we will provide a visa application with instructions. If you prefer to have your passport and/or visa application processed for you, our preferred passport and travel visa service can be reached at

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should become familiar with the steps you need to take and who to contact in case of a medical emergency while you are traveling. We recommend that you consult with your physician, local health department, or the Center for Disease Control website, You may also choose to contact our preferred travel clinic at

Compassion constantly monitors the safety of our destination countries and will make any adjustments necessary to protect our tour participants, sponsored children and in-country staff. We believe it is important to provide safe, comfortable accommodations, traditional meals and reliable transportation so that your focus can be on what God is teaching you and the impact of the experience rather than concern for your personal safety and well-being.

Because of the unstable conditions in some countries we travel in, if Compassion decides it is unsafe to travel, we will refund 100 percent of what you have paid to Compassion, or transfer your funds to another tour. This may include: natural disasters, political unrest, or any other circumstances that may threaten the safety of our travelers.

Many of our tours will be moderate in physical difficulty because of impoverished conditions. Also, there will be some walking, rides on bumpy roads, and long days. Most tours will also have a ministry work element included in the itinerary (painting, building, cleaning, etc.). Please read the Tour Terms and Conditions for each tour carefully before finalizing your decision, as each tour may vary regarding physical difficulty.

Appropriate clothing to pack for a Sponsor Tour will be specified in the deposit confirmation packet. We consider the culture and climate of the country and always dress modestly.

Practical gifts for children and their families are greatly appreciated. Our Compassion children are from countries where basic needs are often difficult to meet. Yet the simplest of toys can also brighten a child’s eyes! We recommend you fill a backpack with the gifts for your child. A backpack is a good measure of the quantity of gifts to bring, and it is convenient for travel and delivery. A complete list of gift suggestions for your sponsored child — as well as ideas for other children you will meet on your journey — is included in your pre-trip information packet.

In addition to your personal items and any gifts for your sponsored child, please bring arts and crafts or sports supplies for visits to child development centers. We will divide these supplies between the centers we plan to visit.

Please read the Tour Conditions and General Information document before finalizing your decision.


In order to ensure our children's protection and determine eligibility to travel with Compassion, we now require all travelers (over the age of 18) to complete a criminal background check to ensure the safety of the children in our programs. The results of your background check are confidential and all personal information is encrypted and secure.

Please visit Screening One Sponsor Tour BC to complete your online background check at the time of registration. If you are unable to complete this online, please contact us and we will send you a paper form for you to fill out and return. Compassion uses a third party vendor, Screening One to process background checks. The results of your background check are confidential and all personal information is encrypted and secure.


Air transportation as included in the tour is based on economy-class transportation and is subject to all rules and regulations governing these fares. Fuel surcharges are added on a per-ticket basis at time of confirmation. In the event these surcharges are increasingly higher than budget estimates, we may require additional funds to cover these surcharges. We will communicate any pricing changes immediately.


All deposits are nonrefundable. Fifty percent of the tour cost will be required for cancellations 59-31 days prior to the Sponsor Tour. One hundred percent of the tour cost will be required for cancellations 30-0 days prior to the Sponsor Tour. Only written cancellations are accepted.


COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to adjust or alter any travel program when necessary or desirable for the protection, safety or improvement of said travel program, or when local conditions do not permit operation as published. COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to accept or deny participants application at its sole discretion.


COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL makes arrangements with airlines, hotels and other independent parties to provide you with the travel services you purchase. These parties are independent suppliers over whom we have no direct control. In the absence of negligence on our part, we are not responsible for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising out of injury, accident or death; damage, loss or delay of baggage or other property; or delay, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, whether physical or mental, resulting from (1) the act or omission of any party other than COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL or its employees; (2) mechanical breakdown, government actions, weather or other factors beyond our control; (3) failure to obtain documents, passports, visas and health certificates valid through the date of reentry, when required, in which case a cancellation charge will be assessed; (4) failure to follow instructions including but not limited to check-in and checkout times and baggage handling; (5) cancellation or change for any reason in the travel services offered; and (6) medical or health problems or physical disabilities. COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to cancel or alter the travel services at its discretion, except as otherwise noted herein. In the event of change, COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL will try to substitute comparable services; in the event of complete cancellation by COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL, we shall refund all monies paid to us. COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL will not be responsible for any other cost incurred by participants. 

Once you have registered for a tour, Compassion will guide you through key trip preparations, such as obtaining passports, visas (if needed) and immunizations. We will provide travel tips, a packing list, and fun ideas for child gifts shortly after you complete your tour registration.

Below are some helpful and interesting links you may want to review while you are waiting for your packet to arrive in the mail, or if you are still considering traveling with us:

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