Custom Visits

Visit Sponsored Children

Custom Visits

Visiting a Compassion-assisted student center or meeting your sponsored child is guaranteed to be the experience of a lifetime. We would be excited to facilitate your visit by coordinating all the logistics and providing you a trained Compassion host to ensure a lasting memory! Please find the visit type that best fits your needs, and read the corresponding information before submitting your visit request.

Please note that Compassion asks for a minimum of eight weeks’ advance notice to coordinate a visit!

Two Lives Change When You Visit Your Sponsored Child!

Compassion’s field office can facilitate a life-changing experience with your sponsored child. We can recommend the best location and activities for your visit, taking your preferences into account. The typical Custom Visit can include:

  • A visit at your child’s home
  • A tour of your child’s Compassion-assisted student center
  • A meal together
  • A fun outing to a local attraction, such as a park or zoo
Experiencing a Compassion Center Will Open Your Eyes!

Visiting a student center is an ideal way for persons who will not be seeing a sponsored child to experience Compassion’s work overseas. We would be excited to facilitate a wonderful experience, and will handle all logistics:

  • Compassion coordinates all Student Center Visits through our Colorado Springs office.
  • A trained, friendly Compassion representative will guide your visit.
  • All student center visits take place in a city where a Compassion country office is located. You will find a list of corresponding cities and countries in the request form.
Your Group Can Experience Compassion's Work First-Hand!

Group Visits can include anything from two sponsors traveling together to a large mission team. Compassion will arrange a day for all of you to meet your respective sponsored children. A typical group visit can include:

  • Bringing the children to the group’s location (such as hotel) or a Compassion student center.
  • Arranging an outing for all the sponsored children to gather at a fun local attraction, such as a park or zoo.
  • Hosting a meal with your sponsored child.

Each group visit must have a designated contact person, who will be responsible for submitting the visit request and passing information to the other group members.