February 2014 Prayer Calendar

Participation in the Prayer Partner Network is an essential part of Compassion's ministry for children and families in poverty.

March 2014 Prayer Calendar

There are many things we can inherit from loved ones. But when I think of heritage, I think of things that can’t be displayed. You may have been left with a heritage of laughter and joy — or, sadly, one of fear and abuse. We can’t control the heritage we were left with. But we can control the heritage we leave to others.

The Bible tells us that “children are a heritage from the Lord” and that they are a reward. That goes far beyond the traditional definition of sons and daughters, doesn’t it? We have the privilege of showing care to the children who cross our paths every day — to fill them with a love that will be their own heritage.

Nowhere do I see this more clearly than in the children we serve around the world. Their heritage will not be poverty. It will be the sacrifice they see in their parents, the care they receive from their Compassion program workers, and the love poured into them by their sponsors.

This month, will you pray for that legacy? Pray for cycles of poverty to be broken, and for children to discover new life in Christ. Thank you, as always, for your heritage of prayer!

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Mark Hanlon
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Praises and Updates!

Praise God for the protection and care of our beneficiaries in Brazil, where flooding caused damage to several homes but no Compassion families were affected!

We praise God for His protection of our beneficiaries in the Philippines from the effects of Typhoon Haiyan! Although 6,449 children from 62 Compassion child development centers were affected, no deaths were reported.

Update: Sunaree, a Leadership Development Program student in Thailand, was experiencing ear problems that required surgery. Praise God, the surgery was successful!

Praise God that no Compassion beneficiaries were injured and no homes were destroyed in the Chaparrastique volcano in El Salvador!

Update: Cassien in Rwanda stepped on a land mine and injured his right leg. Praise God, he has fully recovered from his injuries!

Thank you for praying so diligently last year about the transition from Wess Stafford to Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado as President and CEO of Compassion. Update: Wess is thriving in “retirement” (still speaks and travels on behalf of children and advises our leadership team) and Jimmy has Compassion on firm footing for the future!

All children mentioned have sponsors and their monetary needs are supplied.

Verse of the Month

"Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him."
— Psalm 127:3, NIV

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Saturday 1

Please pray for 55 Compassion children and their families in El Salvador who lost household items in the Chaparrastique volcano eruption. Compassion is providing clothing, food and hygiene supplies.

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Sunday 2

Pray for protection for our children, staff and partner churches amid persistent violence in Bangladesh. As a precaution, Compassion temporarily closed three centers; others remain open but watchful.

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Monday 3

Pray for our children in rural areas of Guatemala during this cold season, as most of them do not live in appropriate houses to shelter them from the cold.

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Tuesday 4

Pray for families in several of our programs in eastern Indonesia who were affected by recent flooding. Compassion is assisting with shelter, food and supplies.

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Wednesday 5

Pray for William in Kenya, who has become violent toward other children. Pray for God to transform his heart and mind, and for wisdom for the child development center staff who care for him.

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Thursday 6

Pray for Ana in Bolivia, whose mother recently passed away. Ana’s father is at an advanced age and is worried about supporting his children.

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Friday 7

Pray for the families of 106 Compassion children in the Mindanao area of the Philippines whose homes were damaged by recent floods. Relief provisions have been distributed to these families.

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Saturday 8

Pray for Compassion children and families whose homes were recently damaged or destroyed by heavy rains in, Burkina Faso. Compassion is providing emergency food and clothing.

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Sunday 9

Pray for God to comfort the family, friends and sponsor of 6-year-old Jean Claude in Rwanda, who recently passed away.

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Monday 10

Pray for God to comfort two of our children in Mexico who recently lost a parent: Paulino (mother) and Jacqueline (father).

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Tuesday 11

Pray that God will prepare the hearts of thousands of men, women, families and groups to sponsor a child in need when they hear Compassion Sunday presentations on May 4.

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Wednesday 12

Pray for Lidia, a curriculum coordinator for one of our programs in Nicaragua, who has cancer and is also experiencing marital problems.

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Thursday 13

Pray for the staff of one of our Compassion programs in Indonesia as they navigate strong religious resistance. God can overcome — and to His glory!

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Friday 14

Political unrest and protests have led to a state of emergency in Bangkok, Thailand. Compassion centers in or near Bangkok are on alert. Ask God to protect our children, staff and partner churches there.

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Saturday 15

Pray for a Child Survival Program (CSP) mom in the Dominican Republic who was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and needs healing. Pray too for hundreds of other HIV-positive moms and children to whom we minister around the world.

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Sunday 16

While our donors have already made a generous difference, please pray for continued provision for the 1,661 children and their families whose houses were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

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Monday 17

Pray for David in Bolivia, whose father abandoned the family shortly after David’s mother passed away. Pray for David’s comfort and for wisdom for his relatives as they consider his future.

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Tuesday 18

Pray for God to comfort the family, friends and sponsor of Catherine in Burkina Faso, who recently passed away.

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Wednesday 19

Pray for Raone in Brazil, who has started becoming violent with his friends. Program staff are working hard to help him and they request prayer for wisdom.

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Thursday 20

Pray for God to provide emotional and spiritual healing for Priskila, Mega and Ririn in eastern Indonesia, who have all suffered sexual abuse. Compassion workers are helping with counseling and spiritual care.

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Friday 21

Pray for Wichai in Thailand, whose family home burned down. Praise God that no one was injured, but the family needs prayer as they rebuild. Compassion is providing temporary shelter, food and supplies.

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Saturday 22

Pray for four children in one of our Kenyan programs who all have chronic diseases: Kavithe and Kioko have heart disease, and Victor and Pius suffer from epilepsy.

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Sunday 23

Pray for sponsored children Ferry and Ralph in Haiti, whose father was lost in a shipwreck. Pray for comfort and provision, as their father was the family’s primary breadwinner.

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Monday 24

World TB Day: Tuberculosis causes the deaths of nearly 1.5 million people each year. Pray for Compassion workers who seek to prevent and eradicate TB wherever we minister.

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Tuesday 25

Pray for God’s protection of staff and children in Indonesia as they enter the rainy season and face the possibility of floods and landslides.

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Wednesday 26

Pray for Valentine in Rwanda, who has a mental condition that causes her to fight and throw stones at people. Pray that God calms and heals her, and for wisdom for our staff who care for her.

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Thursday 27

Pray for 8-year-old Manuel in Peru, whose mother died of lupus. Manuel and his father are receiving spiritual and emotional support from their Compassion program pastor and staff.

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Friday 28

Pray for Brimo, Gourbeiga and Moussa in Burkina Faso, whose homes were destroyed by fires. Pray for God’s protection over all registered children during the dangerous dry season.

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Saturday 29

Pray for teenager Lory in Colombia, who is suffering from thyroid cancer. Compassion is helping arrange and pay for surgery; pray that the operation goes well and that Lory is healed.

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Sunday 30

Pray for God’s blessing on the 15 new Compassion programs in Kigoma, Tanzania that are now registering children. Pray that these programs will minister to the community and touch many lives.

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Monday 31

Compassion sponsors will present the child sponsorship opportunity in hundreds of U.S. churches on Compassion Sunday in May. Pray that God will move mightily.

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