tag:compassion.com,2011-06-09:5-48714 Phillipines News 2014-12-30T15:02:29.093-07:00 Compassion International Advisory: Typhoon Koppu Hits the Philippines tag:compassion.com,2015-33-20:5-101256 2015-10-27T18:39:36-06:00 2015-10-20T13:33:05-06:00

Typhoon Koppu hit the west coast of the Philippines, causing widespread power outages and flooding. Over 400 beneficiaries and their families have been impacted.

Advisory: Fire in Butuan City, Philippines tag:compassion.com,2015-53-23:5-97071 2015-07-28T14:53:12-06:00 2015-07-23T14:53:08-06:00

A fire broke out in a community in Butuan City, Philippines on the north side of Mindanao Island. Fifteen beneficiaries have been impacted at this time.

Advisory: Fire in the Philippines tag:compassion.com,2015-11-04:5-96384 2015-06-04T13:11:58-06:00 2015-06-04T13:11:51-06:00

4,000 homes were recently destroyed in a fire that hit Pagadian City. A total of 50 beneficiaries from PH-874 lost their homes.

Advisory: Typhoon Jangmi in the Philippines tag:compassion.com,2015-49-08:5-87620 2015-02-11T16:49:50-07:00 2015-01-08T16:49:47-07:00

A total of 199 beneficiaries in student centers PH-539, PH-647, PH-651, PH-741, PH-743, and PH-823 were affected by Typhoon Jangmi.

Advisory: Typhoon Hagupit Hits the Philippines tag:compassion.com,2014-23-05:5-86690 2015-02-03T13:00:36-07:00 2014-12-05T16:23:28-07:00
3,218 beneficiaries were directly affected through evacuation and/or damage to their homes, and another 2,440 beneficiaries were in the affected area but reported no direct impact.
Advisory: Fire in the Philippines tag:compassion.com,2014-44-30:5-85897 2014-10-30T12:44:57-06:00 2014-10-30T12:44:55-06:00

A house fire recently broke out in Cebu City and the fire quickly spread and destroyed many homes. 33 children from Heaven's Joy Student Center (PH-906) have lost their homes.

Advisory: Typhoon Fung-Wong Hits Philippines tag:compassion.com,2014-42-19:5-85467 2014-10-02T13:05:35-06:00 2014-09-19T13:42:40-06:00

The majority of Compassion beneficiaries and their families are home now. Our church partners continue to provide assistance where necessary.

Advisory: Typhoon Rammasun Hits the Philippines tag:compassion.com,2014-10-17:5-82064 2014-07-30T13:10:50-06:00 2014-07-17T13:10:47-06:00

Typhoon Rammasun is the first major typhoon of the year to hit the Philippines. Approximately 10 church partners have reported damage from the typhoon. No injuries or deaths to our program beneficiaries have been reported.

Advisory: Typhoon Haiyan Hits Philippines tag:compassion.com,2013-42-11:5-76211 2013-11-11T13:42:54-07:00 2013-11-11T13:42:40-07:00

Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines causing mass destruction on Friday, November 8, 2013.

Final Update: Flooding in Philippines 2013 tag:compassion.com,2013-00-10:5-73793 2013-09-10T00:00:00-06:00 2013-09-10T00:00:00-06:00

Compassion Philippines has provided the final information about the flooding that affected Manila and parts of the island of Luzon in August.

Update #2: Flooding in Philippines August 2013 tag:compassion.com,2013-00-23:5-72861 2013-08-23T00:00:00-06:00 2013-08-23T00:00:00-06:00

Compassion Philippines has provided more information about the flooding that is affecting Manila and parts of the island of Luzon.

Update: Tropical Storm Shanshan in Philippines tag:compassion.com,2013-00-21:5-64938 2013-03-21T00:00:00-06:00 2013-03-21T00:00:00-06:00

Compassion Philippines has provided final information regarding Tropical Storm Shanshan.

Advisory: Tropical Storm Shanshan in Philippines tag:compassion.com,2013-00-28:5-64111 2013-02-28T00:00:00-07:00 2013-02-28T00:00:00-07:00

Tropical Storm Shanshan hit Butuan City in the Philippines on February 22, 2013.

Advisory: Typhoon Bopha in Philippines tag:compassion.com,2012-00-11:5-62115 2012-12-11T00:00:00-07:00 2012-12-11T00:00:00-07:00

Compassion Philippines has provided initial information about Typhoon Bopha, which hit Mindanao island on December 5, 2012.

Advisory: Typhoon in Philippines tag:compassion.com,2012-00-03:5-58135 2012-08-03T00:00:00-06:00 2012-08-03T00:00:00-06:00

A typhoon has produced heavy rains and violent wind across the Philippines.