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When a father sees his son suffer, he is moved to action. Poverty doesn’t change that. So when Dennis Obregón watched his little boy shaking from seizures, when he heard him cry from the constant pain in his legs and hips, he acted. He took time away from his job selling lemonade in the town square, and he carried his son, Jeremías, to the doctor.

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Maria made a promise to herself as a young child that she would be a doctor — a kind, good doctor who would care about those living in desperate poverty. See how her determination made it possible to keep that promise.

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In the streets of Fortaleza, Brazil, Jorge Luis was constantly tempted by drugs and gangs. But Jorge’s journey took a new direction when he began taking karate classes at his Compassion center. Now he is using his skills to release dozens of other children from poverty.

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Francia knows all too well the challenges of raising children in poverty. But at 72 years old, she is now raising her four grandchildren, and the obstacles are greater than ever before.