Internship Job Placement

Internship Job Placement
Internship Placement
  • Compassion’s Global Ministry Center (GMC) in Colorado Springs works as a corporate setting “behind the scenes” of the international ministry. Compassion’s programs work worldwide through local churches in 26 different countries. The field offices are the “hands and feet” of the ministry and are staffed by the local people in each country. Compassion works through local churches around the world in order to empower indigenous people with resources and training so they can help people in their own communities build a better life within their own families, friends, etc. To learn more about Compassion’s programs, please visit:
  • Each year, different Supervisors and departments request positions based on their needs. Because Compassion’s GMC in Colorado works "behind the scenes" of the international ministry, we mainly operate in and thus hire in the following corporate functions:
    • Accounting, Business, Civil Engineering, Communications, Computer Science, Education, English, Finance, Human Resources, Journalism, Marketing, etc.
  • Intern job placement is based on a student’s major as well as relevant experience both in ministry and in the workplace. However, if a student’s major does not exactly match a job opening, certain areas may be sufficed through adequate background experience.
  • Throughout the 10.5 weeks, Interns will receive job coaching from their Supervisor. An Intern’s time will be split, with about 70 percent of their time spent working on major projects in their assigned departments, and about 30 percent of their time spent working on more day-to-day tasks (research, etc).
  • Supervisors are looking for self-motivated individuals who tackle job tasks with creativity, ingenuity and energy. Applicants must have both sufficient organizational and communication skills, and the maturity to follow through on all work projects. Students interested in the Internship Program should be teachable, able to multitask on both short and long-term projects, and above all, be advocates for children in poverty.
  • Detailed job descriptions and applications will be available soon, on the Compassion Employment Opportunities web page. The last day to apply is January 31, 2013. Applicants can apply for as many positions as they are qualified for. Applicants for the Internship Program are considered for each job they apply for, so if they’re not selected to interview for one position, they still may be considered for another position.
  • Please view the essential qualifications in each job description prior to applying to make sure you are eligible. Students also must be legally eligible for employment in the United States (i.e., have a current work or student Visa and SSN card). The Internship Program is a one-time opportunity: no Interns may repeat the program (i.e., last summer’s Interns cannot be part of the program in summer 2013). Applicants who previously applied last year but were not accepted into the Internship Program may reapply for 2013 if they still qualify.
  • Please check your email regularly: Communication is primarily conducted through the email address you provide on your application due to a high volume of communication. If an applicant at any point along the process is seen as an inadequate match to a job position, he or she will be notified at the earliest possible date via email.
  • Applicants whose skills match openings will be contacted by the Internship Program Coordinator and then screened by phone by Compassion’s Human Resources Department. Human Resources will then select three or four final applicants per each position for the hiring supervisors to interview. Supervisors will relay their final hiring decision, as well as a selected runner-up candidate, after the final interviews are completed. A final hiring decision should be reached by March 1.
2011 Internship Program Grads

The 2011 Internship Program graduates with Compassion's President, Wess Stafford, and Intern Coordinator, Ela Trude