Other Ways to Donate

Compassion offers hope to more than 1.2 million children in 26 developing countries. Compassion's life-changing programs equip children with the tools they need to overcome extreme poverty. Compassion is Christ-centered and dedicated to building God's kingdom. Every child learns about the hope of Jesus Christ.

Living Sponsorship
Provide for a child's future

The Living Sponsorship Program allows a caring person like you to provide for a Compassion-assisted child throughout your lifetime and beyond. By participating in the program, you ensure that one special child receives:

  • ongoing, monthly support
  • birthday and Christmas gifts
  • encouraging letters (If you are unable to correspond with your sponsored child, we will designate a caring individual who will write to your child.)

When your child someday leaves Compassion's program, your endowment will offer life-changing benefits to a newly registered child -- and then another child and another.

As with all of Compassion's programs, we commit to managing your Living Sponsorship efficiently and effectively.

  • Living Sponsorship funds are wisely invested in a common fund.
  • The principal and all investment earnings from your commitment are restricted for the sponsorship of children -- for as long as Compassion is in existence.
  • Participants receive a tax deduction for contributions in the year(s) funds are received.

Make a special tribute

Establishing a Living Sponsorship is an excellent way to honor someone who feels as strongly as you do about reaching children in need. The endowment makes an ideal Christmas, birthday or wedding gift. It is also a special way to memorialize a loved one who has died.

How does it work?

Compassion's Living Sponsorship Program allows you to provide monthly sponsorship support to a sponsored child throughout your lifetime and beyond -- all for a gift of $12,000. There are several ways you may choose to do this:

  • A one-time gift of $12,000
  • An installment plan:
  • Has minimum deposits of $1,200, payable biannually over five years, accumulated until the final payment is made.
  • Allows others to contribute on your behalf.
  • Allows a Living Sponsorship to commence once the $12,000 has been received in full. Please continue with your regular sponsorship payments until that time.
  • A life insurance policy
  • Allows you to simply change the ownership of a paid-up policy to Compassion.
  • Allows you to deduct the policy's cash value for tax purposes in the year it is given.
  • A will
  • Allows you to simply arrange with your attorney to identify Compassion's Living Sponsorship Fund as one of your beneficiaries.
  • Allows you to set aside $12,000 for each sponsorship you wish to establish.
  • Appreciated property
  • You may give a gift such as stock, mutual funds or real estate to establish a Living Sponsorship.

Want to learn more? Contact us about the Living Sponsorship program.

Living Sponsorship Legacy

"We decided [a Living Sponsorship] was the way to go because [it] can go into perpetuity, not just for that one child but for children in the future. ... That, to me, is the best legacy. This will go on long after I'm gone in terms of children being cared for by Compassion. It really is incredible to see the impact. The Lord takes it and multiplies it. It's an investment that's priceless. These people can change their countries -- they can change the world. And I've played a tiny, tiny little part of it."

--Nancy Vandermeer, New Jersey