Our Commitment to You

Sponsor a child in need through Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry.
Our Commitment to You

We affirm the following historic commitments to each person that sponsors a child through Compassion International:

  • We commit to honor Jesus Christ in all that we do. The Great Commission is at the heart of our mission statement, and discipleship is at the core of our program.
  • We commit to work in partnership with the local church. Our ministry strengthens the local church through a partnership that reaches out to children and families in their local communities.
  • We commit to directly impact each child's individual development. We've seen over and over again that what happens in the life of a child is much more significant than what happens in the environment that surrounds the child.
  • We commit to holistic development — developing minds, bodies and spirits. All of our child development programs provide opportunities that encourage healthy development in four areas — spiritual, physical, social and economic.
  • We commit to educate and challenge our sponsors about poverty and development. As advocates for children, we will help our sponsors understand the complex issues of poverty and the effects of poverty on children and their development.
  • We commit to use money only for the purpose for which it was raised. Child sponsorship funds must be used to develop the children who are sponsored. Our Child Sponsorship Program is completely focused on the development of these children.
  • We commit to link each child to only one sponsor. Each Compassion-sponsored child has only one sponsor. We encourage sponsors to develop meaningful relationships of encouragement with the children they sponsor.
  • We commit to give every child in our program a chance to respond to the gospel. Every child who participates in a Compassion program is given the opportunity to learn about Jesus and discover how to develop a lifelong relationship with God.
  • We commit to the highest industry standards for the use of funds. We'll keep our administrative and fundraising costs as low as possible, balancing this with the need for quality and integrity through the ministry.
  • We commit to being financially accountable. We take our role as stewards of resources very seriously. We regularly perform audits to ensure that our programs are being well managed and that funds are being properly disbursed and applied.