Child Poverty

Child Sponsorship
The Issue

When children are constantly surrounded by death, hunger and a general sense of "not enough," they begin to feel unworthy of a different life and their hope crumbles. Your church can restore their hope through the act of sponsorship.

ACT NOW - What Your
Church Can Do Today

Your church may sponsor children to change their
lives, but you'll realize: they are changing yours.
Ken-Burkey A Pastor's Perspective

Ken Burkey, Senior Pastor, Green Valley Community Church, CA

"Child sponsorship has transformed our people by connecting them to global poverty in a very personal way," says Senior Pastor Ken Burkey of Green Valley Community Church in California. "Sponsorship can engage everyone in your church family. The appeal bridges generations, from sixth graders to senior citizens. It's simple, accessible and will absolutely transform your congregation." Read more

the-facts-child-sponsorship The Facts

More than 1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty (U.S. $1.25 per day). Approximately 1.1 billion of these people are children. Over 6 million children die from malnutrition each year.

the-solution-child-sponsorship The Solution

Child sponsorship. Compassion's evangelical church partners in the developing world provide children with education, nutrition, healthcare, love and hope in Jesus. Church staff build relationships with the children they serve, taking time to visit their homes, meet their families and intervene if there is neglect or abuse.

Research shows this strategy works.

Compassion children stay in school longer, secure better jobs and are more likely to be leaders in their churches and communities than their non-sponsored peers.

what-can-my-church-do-sponsorship-child-sponsorship What Can My Church Do?

Host a child sponsorship event. We'll provide everything you need to cast light on global poverty and give people the opportunity to see photos of children waiting to be sponsored. When they choose a specific child, and take a first step in relationship with that child through monthly support, prayers and letters, they will begin to experience their own spiritual growth and transformation.

How Does It Work? how-it-works-child-sponsorship

For $38 per month, one sponsor can invest in the life of one child who is living in poverty. Each sponsored child receives education, nutrition and health care along with spiritual encouragement through age-appropriate Bible teaching. As children are loved and supported, they gain the confidence to pursue a life out of poverty.

How Will This Strengthen My Church? church-impact-child-sponorship

When you challenge people to serve a child in poverty, and they choose to step out in faith, that one act has the potential to open their eyes and hearts to things with greater eternal value. Pastors tell us they witness more joy, generosity and tenderness within their churches after they host a Compassion sponsorship event.