Justin McRoberts

Justin McRoberts

Topics: Author, Campus Ministry, Child Advocacy, Poverty, World Health Issues, Youth and Young Adults

Justin McRoberts is a highly respected singer, songwriter and speaker - who carved out a niche for himself over the past nine years in the independent music scene.

He is one of those rare artists who can blend artistry, honesty and humor almost seamlessly. He believes songwriting is a way to help people see their world differently and to learn to understand themselves and their world more completely.

The themes of hope, justice and compassion run through his music as they do his career. He says, "I believe these are the defining characteristics of our likeness to God. The need and desire to care for the poor and oppressed is something we share in common with all humanity, not simply the religious."

Central to Justin's work is advocacy on behalf of the poor and oppressed, predominately through Compassion International, the International Justice Mission, and the Blood Water Mission. He says, "Not only do the poor need us, we need the poor to remind us what being human is about.

In the same way that the poor learn to identify themselves with their lack, the wealthy likewise learn to identify themselves with their wealth. It is in the meeting of the two that we can recognize ourselves and one another as human."

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