Dario Guerrero

Dario Guerrero

Topics: Child Advocacy, Compassion Alumni, Poverty

Darío Guerrero

Born and raised in the jungles of Ecuador, Darío Guerrero, along with his wife Juanita, recently finished Missionary and Cross-Cultural Training with New Tribes Mission in Roach, Missouri. With a degree in Applied Linguistics, he is uniquely skilled for and passionate about the challenging work of Bible translation. He and his wife Juanita share a zeal for frontier missions, and dream of bringing the Gospel to an unreached people group.

Currently based in New Jersey, Darío and his wife are in a season of preparation and support raising for their upcoming move to Paraguay in early 2017.

Growing up in extreme poverty, Darío is no foreigner to hardship and challenge. Raised by a single mom in a one-room house made of plywood, he and his four younger siblings often went to bed cold and hungry.

When he was 7 years old, he was forced to begin working full-time in order to help provide for his family. Feeling robbed of his childhood, he questioned God’s love and all but gave up on the hope of an education. All of that changed when he was invited to participate in a Compassion child development program.

Through the program staff and his sponsors, Darío experienced the love of God in tangible ways. Sponsorship made it possible for him to receive an education, breathed hope back into his heart and helped him see his intrinsic value in God’s eyes.

Keenly aware of the countless children around the world who are desperate for love and hope just as he was, Darío continues to partner as a speaker with Compassion. He is a thoughtful and passionate communicator, with experience teaching in English, Spanish and French. He is gifted at sharing his story in a way that shines a light on the effects of poverty on children and the strategic ways the global Church can help.

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