Dario Guerrero

Dario Guerrero

Topics: Child Advocacy, Compassion Alumni, Formerly Sponsored Children, Poverty

Dario Guerrero

Dario was born and raised in the jungles of Ecuador. He grew up with four other siblings in a one-room house made out of plywood, in which the walls would have to be replaced every few months due to the rot caused by the rainy, humid weather. The lack of clothes, food, and education were a harsh reality and daily concern for the family. His mom couldn't provide for all the needs of the children and his memories of his father were that he was “an alcoholic, abusive and irresponsible.” He left Dario and his siblings behind at an early age.

During this difficult time, Dario, along with his younger sister, became sponsored by a family across the world that showered him and his family with unconditional love, prayers, and support. “The messages in those letters were always encouraging, uplifting and personal. It created in me a sense of being loved and gave me self-esteem. Life began to take on a different meaning.” Dario remembers “singing praises to God, playing games, and hearing Bible lessons” at his Compassion project.  It was a safe place and became his second family. “I really loved studying,” he recalls, and “I was hopeful for the first time.” Compassion met Dario's physical needs as well as introduced him to Jesus, where he accepted the gift of salvation and entered into a loving relationship with his heavenly Father.

Dario has received a degree in Applied Linguistics and his desire is to expand the kingdom of God by using his ability to quickly learn new languages to reach unreached people groups with the Gospel. Dario, along with his wife Juanita, will be attending Bible and Missionary Training with New Tribes Mission in 2013.  “I want to use the gifts God has given me to expand His Kingdom through Bible translation and church planting among tribal groups, sharing with them that their creator loves them unconditionally.”

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