Brad Duncan

Brad Duncan

Topics: Evangelism and Discipleship, Youth and Young Adults

Brad Duncan

One of Brad Duncan's unique gifts is to challenge students right where they are, and he has a passion for pouring his heart into the lives of students. He is gifted at sharing the gospel in front of students with a mic, as well as one-on-one around a pizza and coke.

Brad's ministry consists of two driving passions: first, to see the lost come to Christ. Brad has a special ability to communicate the truth to the "troubled youth" -- the one who is so outwardly rebellious, yet inwardly his heart is shattered by life's issues. He is also well aware of the needs of the "lifer" -- the student who has grown up in church and has grown apathetic about his or her faith and takes it for granted.

The second passion of Brad's heart is for discipleship -- teaching students not just to survive in their relationship with Christ, but how to excel -- discovering how the Christian walk doesn't have to be like trying to tread water.

Until December 2002, Brad was band director and lead guitarist for Grammy Award winner Rebecca St. James. He served under her ministry for seven years, often filling the gap as the touring road pastor.

In the summer of '07 Brad relocated back to the Pacific Northwest (a culture plagued with addiction, isolationism and countless man-made philosophies that govern the daily routine) to start "a church" -- for people who hate church." Albany, Ore., is now the home of "The Shift," a body of believers who are being equipped to carry Truth out of the Christian subculture and engage the hurt, hunger and despair on THEIR turf.

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