Children and Poverty

If there is one place to find everything you need to educate yourself about children and poverty, this is it. Whether you are mildly curious or need to write an in depth research paper, you've come to the right place. This interactive resource center is chock full of all kinds of information to help you learn about children and poverty.

Whatever your question about children and poverty is, you'll likely find the answer here. You can get information, research statistics, take quizzes, play games, download posters, listen to podcasts, watch videos and so much more!

There is even a whole section designed specifically for kids to teach them about children and poverty. Cheer on your kids as they travel around the world and get a glimpse of how children around the world live. 

As seen in the Bible, children and poverty are two of the topics that God is most passionate about. Learning more about children and poverty yourself will help you draw closer to God and align your heart with His.

Children and Poverty

The Poverty Wheel

The hub represents absolute poverty. The spokes represent the different needs of those in poverty. The rim represents enough.

Compassion's mission is to bring children from the hub of the wheel (poverty) to the rim (enough).

Help untangle the problem of poverty ›

Make a difference in the fight against poverty. Learn. Get involved. Speak out for those who can't.

Ways to Get Involved

Practical ways you can make a difference — individually, globally, as a church, as a community — for children in poverty.

Download Materials

Download materials — desktop wallpaper, posters, bulletin announcements, brochures, sermon outlines, letters to the editor — to share your heart and passion for children!