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Compassion's Child Survival Program is a poweful way to help mothers and their babies escape the cycle of poverty. Your support will help mothers to give their babies the best possible life, despite the difficulties of living in poverty. The odds are survival are already stacked against babies born in poverty, and the Child Survival Program offers an opportunity to change this reality. Your prayers and financial support are invaluable.

The Child Survival Program works through the local church to help mothers learn to care for their babies. The program teaches mothers about breastfeeding, offers nutritional counseling, food supplements and vitamins, immunizations and health care.

With Compassion, you can have confidence that the money you give through the Child Survival Program will go directly to help mothers and their babies in desperate need. When you hear the stories of the way God is changing lives through this program, you can't help but get involved.

When you help mothers and children through the Child Survival Program, you change their lives and futures forever. Why not start changing lives today?

Child Survival Program

Each year, 132 million babies are born and begin the journey of early childhood. Tragically, too many of these children are lost along the way — precious little ones who do not receive the nutrition, care, protection and learning opportunities necessary to survive and thrive. 

Our Child Survival Program, run by our Christian church partners around the world, reaches out to young, vulnerable children to save their lives and set them on the path toward healthy development.

Your contribution to the Child Survival Program will help us extend this lifesaving program to even more of our world's little ones, giving them new hope for the future.

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