Compassionate Gift Giving

Compassionate Gift Giving

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Here are a few more ways to get your MOPS moms and their families involved with compassionate gift giving:

  • For Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries, moms can ask their families for a gift for themselves (something they’d enjoy) and also ask for a gift from the Compassion Gift Catalog that will go to those in need. What a great learning tool for kids!
  • Moms buy lots of gifts. Encourage them to consider who they will be shopping for, such as a teacher. Suggest that they look through the catalog with each of their children and pick out a meaningful gift. Together, they can give a gift in honor of that person and order a free Honor Card to give with it.
  • Ask your MOPS moms if they would be interested in skipping a lunch out one day and combining the money they would have spent on lunch to fund an emergency food provision from the catalog. Moms can teach their kids that giving up eating out for one day will provide food for children who are hungry.
  • As a MOPS group or family, donate a chicken or goat from the catalog for a family in need. Afterward, visit a petting zoo so children can see the animal they helped give. You can take this opportunity to explain how that animal will make a difference for a family for years to come.