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Safe Water for Life
Safe Water for Life
Norton secured, ECFA Member, Charity Navigator Four-Star Charity, BBB Accredited

Every 15 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease. When you give a child a safe water filter system for his or her home, you provide a lifetime supply of safe water, as well as training on how to avoid waterborne diseases.

Your gift covers the cost of delivery of a complete system, including:

  • a filtration system
  • two buckets
  • hose
  • training on how to maintain the system so it provides a lifetime of safe water
Safe Water for Life
Norton secured, ECFA Member, Charity Navigator Four-Star Charity, BBB Accredited
Norton secured, ECFA Member, Charity Navigator Four-Star Charity, BBB Accredited
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Can my gift go to my sponsored child?

Gifts from this catalog will not go directly to your sponsored child. Compassion staff at each of our centers work to identify Compassion-assisted children and their families with the highest needs. We want to be sure that your gifts through this catalog will go to the children and families who need them most.

Where do my donations go?

Gifts shown here illustrate goods and services used in Compassion’s holistic child development program. All contributions designated for specific funds will be applied to those projects and to administering the gifts. We desire to be good stewards of your gift, and when we receive more contributions for a given fund than we can use, we apply those funds to meet similar pressing needs.Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Compassion International has control over the use of all donated funds. At least 80 percent of your gift will go to programs that directly benefit Compassion children, babies and students.

How were the amounts selected for the gift items?

Some suggested amounts are actual costs based on field needs, while others, including water wells, bathrooms and electricity, are an average amount per child, based on the need of an entire Compassion center. While we’ve attempted to base gift amounts on average amounts requested to help children in our program, these are truly suggested gift amounts. We deeply appreciate any gift amount given.

May I place an order after Christmas?

Yes! All gifts in the catalog are great for year-round giving as well as for Christmas. Consider donating a gift in honor of a friend or family member for a birthday, anniversary or graduation, or for holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day. We also offer special greeting cards to commemorate gifts for many occasions throughout the year.

What does "Share the Gift" mean?

The “Share the Gift” option lets you participate in donating a higher-cost gift for only a portion of the total suggested amount. Your donation is combined with other “Share the Gift” donations to fund the full gift. But for all gifts, the price listed is simply the suggested gift amount. Compassion will process any donation amount you designate for any gift category.

How do I order my greeting cards?

A variety of greeting card options are available for you to order after checkout.

When will I receive my greeting cards?

If ordering by phone, mail or Web, recipients should receive their greeting card(s) 10-14 days after we receive the order. Mail orders should factor in the time it takes for us to receive the order in our offices, typically 3-5 days.

What are Honor Cards?

Giving a gift in honor of your friend or family member is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Choose a gift and enter the donation amount.
  2. Checkout and submit your donation.
  3. Send your honor card.

We have a variety of cards to choose from for all occasions.

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