Food for the Poor

Feed a Baby and Mother

Providing food for the poor is one of the most tangible ways to meet daily needs. Oftentimes, babies and mothers are the most desperate for care and your gift can make an immediate difference in their lives.

Did you know that hunger is the world’s number one health risk? It kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Your gift of food for the poor can make a life-changing difference for a family in poverty.

Globally, 30 percent (or 186 million) of children under five are estimated to be stunted and 18 percent (or 115 million) have low weight-for-height, mostly as a consequence of poor feeding and repeated infections.

Your gift will not only provide food for the poor, but also nutritional supplements. This helps ensure adequate weight and better health for the child. What a great way to get a baby off to a great start!

Feed a Baby and Mother
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