Charity Gift Catalog

This charity gift catalog has lasting impact and saves lives. How can you help? Order water filtration systems, livestock and more for families living in poverty.

There are numerous charity gift options in this catalog:

• The Gift of Caring for Babies and Moms – Provide food, Christmas gifts, literacy training, newborn care, survival, medical care and a birth attendant.
• The Gift of Supporting Children at Risk – Provide disaster recovery, meet urgent needs, replace items lost in a disaster, gift necessary shelter, support and rescue services.
• The Gift of Health – Provide parasite protection, emergency feeding, mosquito nets, dental care, treatment for injuries, HIV/AIDS care and lifesaving surgery.
• The Gift of Life Skills – Provide Bible distribution, safe playgrounds, garden seeds, textbooks, livestock, bicycles, small business help and vocational training.
• The Gift of Clean Water – Provide installation of latrines, water wells, filters and safe water systems.
• The Gift of Sponsorship – Provide care for a waiting child and ongoing support to those who are living in poverty.

Click into the categories to see descriptions of each gift in this charity gift catalog. Your gift will make a lasting impact on children and their families around the world.

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How One Family Gives Back
He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done.

— Proverbs 19:17