Life Skills for Children

Life Skills for Children

Life Skills for Children. Many children in the developing world won't be able to continue their schooling when they are older, so it is important for them to learn skills to earn money. The money they will make when they grow up will help them feed their own families and send their children to school.

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Jobs are hard to get in Ethiopia because there isn't enough work. A simple skill like cutting hair is important to have and can help people earn enough money to buy food and meet other needs. That's why these Ethiopian kids at a Compassion center are learning how to cut hair.



In Peru, kids at a Compassion center are learning how to silkscreen T-shirts. When they get older, they can make shirts to sell to tourists.



Many poor children don't have electricity in their homes, so they have never cooked with a stove or a microwave oven. But at a Compassion center in Guatemala, kids are using the center's kitchen to learn how to make mango jam. After pouring it into jars, they will put labels on the jars and sell them to people in their neighborhood.



In Asia, cars are too expensive for many people, so they own motorcycles. These boys at a Compassion center in Thailand are learning how to fix motorcycles so they can become motorcycle mechanics someday.