Charity Ideas for Kids

charity ideas for kids

Charity ideas for kids can be fun and educational. Parents often ask, “How do I train my child not to be so self-centered?” If your child is demonstrating an entitlement mentality, help the child think beyond himself. Giving to charity is a practical way to do that and coming up with ideas is half the fun!

You’ll discover helpful and practical charity ideas for kids. Consider a social media campaign, selling crafts, picking up recyclable materials, and many more. This page is packed with new and exciting ideas. If you’re looking for practical charity ideas for kids, here’s your resource!

When children give back to other children, those less fortunate, they learn they can make a difference in the world. It is training them to continue being generous as adults.

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Find out how these kids raised money to help people living in poverty!

A Brave Hero Cam, age 5, Ontario, Canada

When Cam told his parents he wanted to help Compassion Canada pay for Kenyan baby's heart surgery, they started spreading the word on the Internet. People began donating money to help, and Cam had fun keeping track of their donations. He felt so excited when they reached their goal of $5,000 in only eight days! Baby Brave's heart is now healing, thanks to Cam's generous heart.

Cam Photos by Shelly Spithoff Photography


Let the Blessings Flow

Third-graders at Green Primary School, Ohio

After Mr. Snavely surprised his students by telling them that kids in some countries don't have safe drinking water, he showed them something cool. It looked like a simple bucket but it turned dirty water into clean drinking water. Inspired to help people who don't have safe water, the kids put on plays, did extra chores, and emptied their piggy banks. They raised $570 to help Compassion get clean water to kids!


Trash Into Treasure

Marisa, age 11, Alana, age 8, Michael, age 6, Ontario, Canada

You know recycling helps the earth, but did you know it can also help children in poverty? That's what these siblings found out last year when they turned glass bottles into more than $1,000 to help children in Compassion's program. Every Thursday, the Kids With Compassion pull their wagon around town collecting empty bottles and cans, which stores buy and recycle. Their parents made a website that tracks the kids' progress on their next goal: raising $2,000 to help build a well in Tanzania.