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Compassion Explorer is a kids’ magazine that highlights how children live around the world in countries like India, Kenya, and the Philippines. Child readers will learn about the daily lives of other kids, especially those who live in poverty.

  • What are their schools like? How do kids get to school?
  • What happens when they get sick? Can they see a doctor?
  • What animals do they see? Do kids have pets?
  • Do kids have toys? Where do they play?
  • How do they learn about Jesus? Do they go to church?

Do you want your family to appreciate all they have—education, faith, material possessions, hope for the future? This kids’ magazine is a great way to educate your family about poverty and develop an attitude of gratitude. Your family will learn about the needs of the poor and find practical ways to help.

Expand your child’s compassion for the poor and help him understand the reality of poverty in our world today. Children can gain a new appreciation for life by reading this kids’ magazine.

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