Compassion Sponsor Desires to do more

Going a Step Further by Volunteering

Sponsor's Desire to Do More Leads to Compassion Volunteerism

By: Ovetta Sampson, Compassion Feature Writer   |   Posted: July 10, 2005

Sponsor's Desire to Do More Leads to Compassion Volunteerism

Compassion Advocate Frank D'Amico hugs his sponsored child, Tamires Araujo Santos (left), and a friend on a recent Sponsor Tour to Brazil. Though Frank loves being a sponsor, he says being a Compassion Advocate has allowed him to speak up even more for children in need.

Since he was a young man Frank D'Amico has been doing more. When he was a teenager he came home late, flipped on the television and heard someone talk about children in need in the developing world. He knew right away he was expected to do more than hang around with his buddies.

So he decided to sponsor a child. As he grew up and accepted Christ, Frank still dabbled in doing more.

Volunteering Expands Personal Ministry

When his youngest daughter was 3 years old and she heard about children in need, Frank decided to do more -- he helped his daughter hold a bike-a-thon raising money. His family began to collect bottles and cans to add to their sponsorship support. Soon he began sponsoring a child through Compassion International. Then he sponsored another.

But that desire to do more still tugged at him. That's when Frank upped the ante on his personal ministry to help children in need and became a Compassion Advocate. "We really needed to do more," says Frank, who sponsors a child in Brazil and one in Ethiopia. "I sensed that God was really driving me in this direction. God is trying to reach children and he's doing it through us. It's not a great calling -- it's a mandate."

Speaking Up for Children

Frank says being a Compassion Advocate allows him to take the passion he has for helping children in need and expand it exponentially.

So he travels all around his community in Staten Island, N.Y., spreading the good news of Compassion and encouraging others to sponsor a child. Being a Compassion Advocate isn't easy. One day Frank showed up to a home for senior citizens and was told by the director not to even bother. She told him that the residents didn't have any money to sponsor children.

But through Frank's eloquent speech about Compassion's ministry, he was able to convince five people to become sponsors. "I told them that this was a God thing," he says. "That God wanted to help children in need through us."

Go Beyond to Do More

Frank encourages other sponsors who have a heart for children in need to go beyond their comfort zone to do more. He urges them to become a part of Compassion's Advocates Network. "(Sponsors) are the ones that can encourage others to sponsor children," he says. "If not us, then whom?"