Craft ideas for kids. Compassion International has crafts from around the world for your children to try in your very own home. We would love to see the results of your projects. Please send us your photos and videos today.

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Make your own game board for mancala, a game of strategy that’s been around for thousands of years.

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Little Light of Mine

Candles can help kids who don’t have electricity in their homes to read in the dark. Try making your own candle!

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Stompin' Feet

You can recycle cans and pretend you’re an elephant!

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Unforgettable Watering Can

Recycle empty milk jugs to make this elephant watering can!

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Designed to a T!

Design your own T-shirt, just like some Compassion-assisted children in Peru.

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Give a Hoot!

Choose what colors you want to use for this wise owl.

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Let Friendship Bloom

Reuse colorful tissue paper to make flowers to give away.

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A Puzzle With a Purpose

Create a puzzle that features your own artwork and an encouraging Bible verse.

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Weave Your Own Rug

A mat can help keep floors in kids’ homes tidier and warmer, which is important for their family’s health. This one can be made from strips of old towels or other fabrics, but an unneeded bed sheet works best.

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Easy Homemade Soap

It is important to wash your hands with soap because soap washes away and kills germs that make people sick. Compassion centers teach kids in developing countries just how important this is. You can make your own soap. Craft stores sell the supplies.

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A Basket for Goodies

Weave a school-supply basket using a cereal box and water bottle, just like kids in other countries do.

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Ready, Set, Go!

Make a memory game from bottle caps.

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